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Easy Ideas To Revamp Your Home In 2017

New Year comes with new resolutions and decisions. It is natural that you will love to have a good start with everything new. This applies to your home settings and décor as well.

But in many cases, you will get stuck up only because you don't know from where to start. In this article, we will discuss about some of the interesting and simple ideas to revamp your humble abode and give it a nice makeover.

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Be creative when you try tips to revamp your home. Go for ideas that will catch the attention of a visitor. At the same time, make sure that it is comfortable. If you have kids at your home, always think of their safety first when you make any change or additions.

First, decide on what type of change you'd want to make. Decide whether it is changing the whole look and theme of the room, or are you just looking for a minor addition like a flower pot or painting.

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Once you are clear on your ideas, make a good research on the best way to make it look happening. Dedicate some time entirely to make this happen. The ultimate result will be astonishing.

So, read further to get some effective ideas that will help give your home a brand new look this year.



Getting more free floor space is one of the important tips to revamp your room. If you have nothing to do with your kid's old toys other than keeping memories, better throw it off or donate it. Donation is a good idea, so that you will not feel guilty of throwing them off.


Add Some Flowers

No matter how the generations change, nothing will beat the freshness that flowers bring in. Keep a vase of fresh flowers on your table top. If you want to be innovative on this, try new types of wall-hanging vases.


Spread Some Fragrance

Try some aroma that can make your room lively. There are many commercially available products that can give you a wide range of choice. Other than this, you can prepare homemade room fresheners with spices.


Display Your Favourite Pictures

Costly famous paintings are good, but not lively as your favourite photos. Display your photos in an innovative way. You can also consider any piece of art that you have created by yourself. The key is to keep minimum number of displays.


Highlight A Wall

The time of painting the whole room with single colour is gone. Highlight any one wall with a warm shade or a cladding. This is one of the professional tips to revamp your home. You can use this wall for displaying photos or paintings.



Giving assigned position for everything will make your home look more organized and arranged. The way how you keep your room is the direct reflection of your personality. If you have kids at home, this will be a difficult task. So, give some designated areas for them to use it the way they want.


Think Out Of The Box

Always think out of the box when you try to get a new look for your room. If you are focusing always on adding something extra, you are in the wrong track. Sometimes, removing or changing positions of something itself will make a drastic change.

So, try these tips and make a new exciting start this year.

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