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Diwali 2021: Creative Decoration Ideas

By Ajanta Sen

India is a country of festivals and it has people belonging to varied cultures and religions. However, the beauty of this country is that people from all religions unite during the festivals with equal enthusiasm. No matter which corner of the country you belong to, you will feel the same pleasure and excitement for any Indian festival.

After the festivities of Navratri that have just finished, people have started gearing up for Diwali. This year the festival falls on 4 November. Apart from buying new attire and preparing scrumptious food, there is a very important aspect of Diwali, i.e., the decoration.

Diwali is incomplete without the decoration of your house. Each and every household in India has cleaned a few weeks ahead of the festival and the doorways are adorned with candles and lamps.

If you want to exhibit your creative skills this Diwali, then you must check out for the following decoration ideas to decorate your houses this Diwali 2021.


Hanging Lanterns

This Diwali, decorate your house with bright-coloured hanging lanterns. You can even make your own lanterns with paper or other recycled items like plastic bottles, old newspapers, coloured papers, etc. Just use your creativity to stand out this Diwali.


String Lights

String lights are very affordable and they are easily available everywhere. There are a variety of ways to use string lights for decoration. In order to add zest to any particular corner of your house, you can put these lights in abundance.



There are a myriad of ways that you can use to decorate your house this Diwali. For example, look for some used bangles in your dressing table. Ask yourself, can you make something with these. Of course, you can make a lovely candle with your old colorful stone bangles.


Diya Chandeliers

You can combine a number of diyas and hang them using some colorful stones or beads. This would make the whole thing appear like a beautiful diya chandelier.


Lotus Lamps

You can use them to decorate your porch or garden. You can also float them on water. These gorgeous lamps are bound to enhance the festive mood of all and sundry. You can adorn your house with these lotus lamps in your exterior or even in the interior of your abode.



If you are an expert in making rangoli designs, then this decoration idea would be the perfect one for you this Diwali. Decorate your entire house with these embellished rangolis starting from the entrance to the rear part of your house. Make intricate rangoli designs (using floral and geometrical patterns) and put colourful stones to embellish them. This will make your house look unique and eye-catching this Diwali.


The Colourful Entrance Rangoli

This is another important feature of Diwali. Make beautiful multi-coloured rangolis on each and every entrance of your house. Put some diyas to add some extra zing to these vibrant rangolis.


Oval-shaped Lamps

These lamps would add that extra zest to your Diwali decoration. If you have a large window, you can place these lamps there in an ascending order of their size. You can also buy equal-sized lamps, which look equally good when they are lined up together.

All the aforementioned decoration ideas are unique and will help you to stand out from the crowd. The idea to be more unique is to be more creative every time. Diwali is probably the best time to hone and express your artistic skills. So, do not waste your time sitting idle, just get ready to bring out the best creative decoration ideas this Diwali.


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