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Tips For Decorating Your Kitchen With Plants

Did you know that by keeping plants in your kitchen you are inviting a good amount of oxygen into your home?

Yes, according to a recent research, if you have a big kitchen that is not cluttered with utensils and other items, placing plants in the kitchen is a good idea.

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Decorating your kitchen with lovely plants can also make the place seem brighter and much more beautiful. However, there are certain plants that you can keep in the kitchen.

If you take a look at this article, we'll explain to you some of the best ways in which you can deck your kitchen with a dash of greenery.

Placing your plants in the right direction will also help you in gaining good wealth and health into the home, as per Vaastu.

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So, ladies, waste no more time, get those kitchen plants today and decorate your humble abode. Take a look at how you can add greenery to your kitchen:

Tip 1
If you have sufficient place in your kitchen, you can deck the kitchen tables with tiny pots. You can place the plant in a basket or a tray. Plants like lemon grass grow well in a kitchen surrounding, and the smell which is emitted from the plant can ward off the kitchen smell too.

Tip 2
If your kitchen seems to be dark and gloomy, and if you still find an interest to place plants in the room, it is best that you go in for really tiny pots. It is also necessary that you don't fill the kitchen with a lot of plants, as it will make the room look and feel a bit more dingy and dark.

Tip 3
Never place pots on the counter top and the cutting table. To make your kitchen look fancy, you can place the pots either outside of the kitchen or on the window sill. Placing the potted plants at the kitchen sink is also a wise idea.

Tip 4
If you have a pot of flowers, never place it near the kitchen sink. Due to the humidity and the spray of water mixed with chemicals for washing dishes, the flowers on the plant may get destroyed.

Tip 5
The suitable plants for a kitchen are those that have glossy leaves. When the leaves are glossy, it is easier to remove the grease from them. On the other hand, glossy plants also live longer under high temperatures.

Tip 6
The best plant to deck your kitchen with is that of the Aromatic herbs. Coriander, parsley, basil, thyme, etc, are some of the best choices that you could opt from. These plants are beautiful and have fitontsidnymi (volatiles with antibiotic action) properties, which always remain fresh in the kitchen.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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