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Innovative Ways To Reuse Plastic Cups

By Debdatta Mazumder

Plastic - the deadliest problem of the present world. If you throw a paper anywhere, it will be decomposed and won’t clog anything.

However, plastic is not such an easy material. If you throw it anywhere, it will remain the same even after several years. Still, life can’t be imagined without plastic, right? Plastic bottles, plastic cups, dishes, bags and what not?

To keep your neighbourhood clean, you should know the important tips to reuse plastic cups.

With ice cream, sweets, soft drinks and other ingredients, plastic cups come to your house. If you know the proper ways to reuse plastic cups, you can save your surroundings from getting dirty.

For example, you can use the ice cream cups as a pen stand on your study table. If you’re creative enough, then wrap the cup with colourful paper and paint designs on it.

There are lots of other ways to reuse plastic cups. For making crafts, project of your kid’s school, etc, plastic cups are very useful. Why to buy a toothbrush stand? You have plastic cups for the purpose.

Therefore, instead of buying anything new, if you reuse those that you have at home, they can serve several purposes and won’t even clog the drains or roads and create hazards.

So, don’t toss those plastic cups but reuse them. Here are some tips to reuse plastic cups, have a look.


Toothbrush Holder

Don't waste those yogurt cups. Wash those well and keep them in your bathrooms to hold the toothbrushes. Why to waste money on buying a new one, right? Kids will love those colourful cups in the bathroom.


Keep Coins

You know how messy you become while searching for coins. Why not keep them in plastic cups, so that you get those you you're in need of the same. You can keep such a cup in your car's cup holder as well. No more searching for coins elsewhere when you know where you've placed it.


Store Ornaments

It is one of the useful tips to reuse plastic cups. How many times have you yelled at your mother when you couldn't find your favourite pair of earrings? No more yelling now. Wrap your ornaments with a paper and keep those inside plastic cups. Now, put those cups inside a box.


Plant Seeds

One of the most effective ways to reuse plastic cups is this idea. Do you have the hobby of gardening? Then fill the cups with some soil and plant the seeds in them. When you see the leaves coming, plant those into bigger pots. Don't forget to make holes at the bottom of the cups.


Use It As Paperweight:

How? Just fill the cup with some pebbles and use it as a paperweight. You can pick the roadside pebbles and clean those up. If you want to be fascinating, there are colourful pebbles available at several home décor shops


Colour Palette:

Consider it among the most helpful ways to reuse plastic cups. If you are a painter, you need a colour palette to squeeze the paint tubes and mix the colours. If you use separate plastic cups, it would be a lot easier for you to try different shades separately.


Festival Lights:

You can be creative about using the plastic cups with this idea. At the time of Diwali or Christmas, you decorate your house with some beautiful lights. Just use plastic cups as the light shade and these lamps will surely brighten up the atmosphere around you.


Popsicle Mold

To end the list of ways to reuse plastic cups, this is another wonderful idea. Pour the liquid into the plastic cups and keep them in the freezer. You can get to have colourful and yummy popsicles for you and your kids.

Story first published: Thursday, February 25, 2016, 16:28 [IST]
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