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Indian Ways To Make Your Home Summer Ready


With the temperatures soaring high, most of us are wondering how to keep cool and beat the heat this season.

Well, according to health experts, drinking a lot of water and consuming water-based and light foods should be your first option.

Secondly, staying indoors as much as possible will also help to keep you healthy this summer. But, what if your home feels like a furnace? Then what would you do?

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With these simple and amazing Indian ways to beat the heat, we at Boldsky show you how you can change your furnace home into a cooler environment.

Decor experts state that the colour of your home plays an important role in making your home feel cool.

If you've decked the halls with dark and bold-coloured sofa covers and curtains, it is time to change that appearance into something lighter, in terms of colour and fabric.

Here are some of the home decor ideas that we bring to you to suit your palate. So, we would like for you to take a look at these:

Choose A Different Wall Colour: You can start by changing the wall colour of your home. Welcome new shades that will make your home bright and beautiful. Choose colours like pale blue and lemon yellow. These two shades are the new summer hues, and we think that it will really make your home look lovely and comfy this summer.

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Floral Up Your Home: Change your upholstery and cushion covers to lighter fabrics and cooler prints. Floral prints are in and booming. You should go in for chic florals and paisley prints too, to add a summery kind of a look to your home, this summer.

Wrap Up Those Rugs:It is time to hide those rugs and carpets, even though they give your home a rich appearance. Let your home breathe without a carpet for the summer, it will tend to keep the house cool and will prevent unnecessary dust to hover in your home.

Get That Furniture:Get yourself seated on the floor this summer, it is the best seat in the house. You can also opt for low-seated chairs, floor cushions and daybeds, which ideally are the best alternative seating options to beat the heat in your home during summer.

Go Green: It is time to bring those potted plants into your home. The more plants, the more cooler your home will seem to feel. You can also decorate your home with creepers and natural flowers to create a green and happy, cool environment.

Have You Tried Swings:If you have kids at home and are blessed with a fancy lawn, don't hesitate to deck the lawn with summery decorations. You can also go in for a patio swing or even a hammock.

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