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How To Decorate A Summer Camp Cabin

By Debdatta Mazumder

Summer Camp!!! The pair of words is enough to fill you with fun and boost you for the programme. Till now you’ve only seen in movies and read in stories about summer camp.

How many times have you imagined how to decorate a summer camp cabin, what you will do with your friends, how you will play the treasure hunting games, etc.

Reasons To Send Kids To Summer Camps

This year, you are included into the team. Are you ready with your ideas to decorate a cool summer camp cabin?

The summer camp cabins are the temporary dwelling places for you all. Staying under the sky, in the lap of nature, is something that is very thrilling. All in all, it is a great experience, right?

Whoever has experienced it before will know that it is for lifetime. If you have any elder in your family who has gone to summer camps in youth, ask him/her for ideas to decorate your special summer camp cabin.

So, how to decorate a summer camp cabin? Actually, it depends primarily on who is going to live within it? Is it for girls?

Then you can decorate it in a fairy tale style. Boys like the pirate theme more. So, to help you beat the summer heat with creative ideas to decorate your very own summer camp cabin, here are some essential tips, do have a look.

1. Know The Theme And Colour Of Your Team: Depending on girls and boys, you will be given a theme and designated with a specific colour. If not then, fix something for you, like girls can choose a Disney Princess theme and pick the colour pink to go with it.

2. Attach Cool Posters: What is your theme, boys? Is it pirates? Then, your summer camp cabin will look a step cooler with the posters of Captain Jack Sparrow. You can also choose Captain Haddock and his devilish words!

3. Pictures of Yours: This can be a wonderful way when you think how to decorate summer camp cabins. You and your friends can hang your pictures, which were clicked earlier during the previous camp. If you're staying away from your families, hang pictures of them too.

4. Hang A Bulletin Board: You are going to stay there for some period. So, hang a bulletin board and make a chart by dividing the regular chores. Don’t forget to rotate your chores. You can even write some interesting notes on it, put cards or pictures to motivate your friends.

5. Think About Bedspread And Pillows: This is your temporary room. How can you live there without making it look tip-top, right? Bring beautiful bedspreads and matching pillow covers. Share the duty among all, so that every member of your group brings one set each too.

6. Don’t Forget The Flag: This is the most important tip about how to decorate your summer camp cabin. Buy a 3’*5’ fabric and design it according to your theme. For pirates, draw a white skull upon a black background. If your theme is fairy tales, draw a beautiful castle on it. Have the counsellor sign it and then pin it up outside your camp as a super cool flag to let others know of your territory.

7. Use Christmas Lights: Do you want to give your cabin a dreamy blue look that reminds you of a starry night? Then, bring the Christmas lights from your storehouse and make decorations with it inside your cabin walls. While gossiping with your friends at night, these lights will make you feel totally awesome.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 30, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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