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8 Dramatic Ways To Decorate A Center Table

Center tables add glamour to your living room, especially when you deck the table in a dramatic fashion.

Today, Boldsky suggests some of the best ways to add that pop of colour in your living room by setting your plain and boring center table.

If you love the idea of fashion, you can dress your table with a lot of colour. Opting for frilly lace table cloths and prints can be a start.

To keep it simple and contemporary, you can go in for that big jug or you can keep it basic with a pot or a vase of flowers.

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Sculptures and books are an option too, if you are a book lover; and not to forget that fancy cup of coffee on the side.

For the soothing look in your living room, you can go in for live fish; or one massive planter will do the trick too of getting the required attention.

But, make sure no matter how well you dress your center table, keep to a limit, as crowding the table will look like an utter mess. So, here you go, take a look at some of these simple yet dramatic ways to decorate a center table:


Vases Versus Candles:

If your living room is already booming with colour and a lot of artistic work, you can leave your center table bare or you can go in for a sombre look with empty vases and scented candles.


Love For Silver:

If you want to add glamour to your living room, deck your center table with silver-plated vases. Go in for gigantic vases, so that you don't have to add in a lot of flowers to it.



If you are in love with indoor plants, then this massive planter will simply create a unique feel in your living room.


The Ancient Style:

To bring in that Victorian era, make use of the old crockery that is lying around in your house. This ancient look will make your home look quite inviting and appealing to the eyes.


Decorative Objects:

You can go in for an asymmetrical look for your center table. Re-arrange the objects on the table to the side and go in for a decor that will make jaws drop.


Glass Says It All:

Sometimes, it is nice to go in for a simple look. This simple center table can be decorated with a sleek table piece.


Fashionable Side:

If you love your magazines, don't hesitate to strew them across your center table. However, make sure that the way you arrange it makes your home look neat.


For The Nerd:

Your favourite book and a cup of hot brewing coffee. That's it! This set-up completes the look in your living room.

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