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Dad Duty: Baby-Proof Your Home In 6 Ways

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Do you think baby-proofing your home is necessary?

If you are blessed with a 24/7 baby nanny, you have nothing to worry about. But, as a new mother, if your going to handle the household chores along with the baby, we suggest you get your home baby-proofer.

Dad Duty: Baby-Proof Your Home In 6 Ways

When you baby-proof your home, your baby is in proper care and safety. You need not be over worried about the baby climbing the stairs or if the tiny tot is crawling up the bed to peep out of the window. A baby proof home is the best and the safest environment you can bring up your little one in.

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Today, we have 6 easy and must do duties for the new dad. These 6 things are the most crucial items you should baby-proof in your home.

Safety Latches For Cabinets

Safety Latches For Cabinets: To keep your child safe in your humble abode, make sure that the kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and the living room cabinets have a latch on it. In this way, your child can be protected against sharp objects and household cleaners too. If it is a wooden cabinet, get a fix on wooden latch, and for metal doors, a metal latch will do.

Safety Gates For The Stairs

Safety Gates For The Stairs: By fixing a safety gate at the bottom and at the top of the stairs can prevent the baby from climbing up and climbing down. Fix a portable gate in plastic material so that even if the little one bumps his head or nibbles on the gate, the injury won't be that bad.

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Window Guards

Window Guards: The windows in every room should have a latch, especially if your staying on a top floor. You can also use window nets which can be inserted a few gaps away from the window.

Cover Electric Sockets

Cover Electric Sockets: Cover all electric plug points to prevent electrocution. You also need to make sure that the plugs are tightly fixed so that it is not removable.

Door Stoppers Are A Must

Door Stoppers Are A Must: To every door, it is necessary to fix a door-stopper or a door holder. This can prevent the door from slamming against the wall and hurting the baby. Door-holders need to be fixed onto the door and onto the wall. Don't go in for mobile door-holders, as your crawling baby can be attracted to it and may find it edible too.

Lock That Alcohol Cabinet

Lock That Alcohol Cabinet: The alcohol cabinet needs to locked with a key and the key must be at a higher reach away from your child. Make sure that your baby is watched carefully around the house, especially when he or she is crawling and learning to walk.

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Story first published: Friday, April 29, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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