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Amazing Tips To Add Life To Your Walls

By Debdatta Mazumder

Your home is not a place with four walls and a ceiling. It is the space where you weave dreams with your dear ones. Why not make it more livable?

That will only make your living better than the best. Here are some amazing tips to add life to your walls.

Colouring the walls is a matter of the past decade. A room with blue or green walls looks monotonous nowadays. If you are going tight on your budget, you can try different colours on different walls.

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For example, to make your walls look lively, you can paint them with two contrasting colours like a shade of blue in two opposite walls and shades of green for the other two.

You can also highlight one wall with a dark colour such as red and keep the other four white. Such playing with colours will definitely add a new life to the monotonous walls.

But, if you consult an expert interior decorator, he/she will provide wonderful tips to add life to your walls. So far, you’ve watched the houses of celebrities with exotic wall designs.

But, now, with amazing tips to add life to your walls, you can get interesting and exclusive designer walls in your own house.

Here are some amazing tips to add life to your walls, which you can follow to decorate your dream house

1. Use Wall Stickers: You can make your walls look elegant within your budget. Buy designer wall stickers. Choose the design and stick it on the place you want. The benefit of using such stickers is that you can store it and reuse again. Also, you can change the place of sticking it.

2. Have Faux Painting: Now this can give your house a more urban and sophisticated look. Usually, faux painting means the caricature of marble, rags or wood paints. If you do it on a wall with the spray paint, it will give the walls a special effect.

3. Patterns Look Good: This is one of the amazing tips to add life to your walls. You can either use wallpapers of different patterns or use stencils to make it. If you pick a pattern colour which goes with the rest of the decoration of your room, it will give your house a sober effect.

4. Shelving Looks Wonderful: A white wall is too monotonous, right? Why not hang colourful and designer shelves on it? Try and see how different the wall will look then. You don’t have to pay a lot for adding life to your boring wall. Pick warm-coloured or multi-coloured shelves to make it more happening.

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5. Create A Mural: While looking for tips to add life to your walls, have hand-painted mural on your walls to have a more sophisticated look. But, you must be careful about the designs. If it is the wall of your living area, the design must match with the rest of the decoration of the room.

6. Tiles Or Bricks Can Do: This is definitely one of the most amazing tips to add life to your walls. Be creative and cover one wall with bricks or tiles. Consult your interior decorator and he/she will give you a lot of happening ideas about designs.

7. Seek Help To Mirrors: This is not a modern design but the one that has come through the ages; and if you've ever seen any royal designing, you must have noticed the walls that are decorated with designer mirrors. Want to have that royal feeling? Go for mirrors of different shapes and unique frames.

8. Use Photo Frames: Don’t you feel the wall beside the stair looks boring? How to make it exciting? Hang photo frames with pictures of you and your friends and family members. Isn’t it one of the amazing tips to add life to your walls?

Story first published: Saturday, June 4, 2016, 14:30 [IST]
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