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How To Manage Things In A Small Kitchen

Kitchen is the space where women spend the major part of their day. It is natural that you would want it to be more convenient and spacious. However, unfortunately, this might not be true for some of you. This usually happens when you are living in a flat or a rented house, when you cannot build a kitchen as per your plan. But, don’t worry! You still have wise options and ways to manage things in a small kitchen.

7 Simple Tricks To Clean The Kitchen Essentials

You can use every inch of your precious tiny space, if you are creative and innovative. A clean and well-organised kitchen is the direct reflection of the personality of a person who uses it. So, be careful in arranging your kitchen wisely, no matter what the size is. Along with arranging things nicely, always keep your table tops and counters clean to give that spacious look.

Best Ways To Store Spices

Don’t stick to conventional kitchen organising tips, which mainly focus on spacious kitchens. Dare to try unconventional storage ideas to make your kitchen look attractive. If you're wondering how to manage things in a small kitchen, think no more, we are here to help you. Avoid getting frustrated due to your small kitchen with these simple and easy useful ways to manage things in a small kitchen. Have a look!


Use The Walls

Don't try to accommodate all and everything on your work bench and drawers. Explore the possibilities of using your wall space. Consider hanging things on the wall like your wash cloths, spoons, cutting board, pans with hooks, knives or lighters.


Organise Your Tools

Your kitchen can have too many tools, mostly that are not of use on a daily basis. So, when you are arranging your kitchen accessories in a small kitchen, it is recommended to arrange and organise them according to their priority of use.


Use Under-Sink Storage Space

Usually, the area under the sink is a space that we overlook. Be creative and utilise this storage space by installing a small cabinet door. You can keep your cleaning solutions, brushes, lotions or other cleaning accessories under this space.


Overhead Cabinets

Limited floor area is always a challenge when using a small kitchen. If you want to know how to manage things in a small kitchen, here is an excellent idea! Use overhead cabinets to arrange things, depending on the frequency of their use.


Baskets And Holders

Install baskets or holders on the sides of your cabinets. This can act as an excellent storage space for small kitchen items. Also, this will help to use the otherwise overlooked spaces on the sides of the cabinets. You can also install these on the inside of cabinet doors.


Lazy Susan Cabinet

Installing a lazy susan cabinet is an interesting idea, to use the corners of your floor cabinets. This will give you enough space to keep comparatively bigger kitchen appliances and supplies. If space permits, you can divide it into smaller compartments to arrange things in order.


Foldable Table

A small kitchen doesn't necessarily mean that you should avoid having a breakfast table. You can install a foldable chair on to the wall and can use it whenever needed. Also, this is an excellent idea to spend some family time in the kitchen itself.

Try these tips and make your kitchen a favourite spot!

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