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8 Handmade Christmas Decorations To Make At Home

Most of us wait for the end of the year, since Christmas and New Year is a time for celebration and joy. It is also that time of the year when most of us get busy into making Christmas goodies and treats. With all the food and drama surrounding the season of joy, it is also that time of the year where people get busy with handmade Christmas decorations.

Making your own decorations at home can be time consuming; however, it adds to that special meaning of Christmas. If you want to do your own decorations at home this Christmas 2015, we at Boldsky have a few ideas that you can put into use.

These handmade Christmas decoration ideas are simple to make and are extremely colourful too. On the other hand, think of the expenditure you will save up on this year.

So, guys, if you're willing to get glue on your hands and paint on your clothes, you might want to take a look at some of these awesome handmade Christmas decorations, you can now deck the halls of your home with. You will be amazed to see how simple these Christmas decorative ideas are as well:


Christmas Tree

To make that very pretty green Christmas tree, you can use organic clay. Make three layers of the tree and use different colours as decorations. This is a simple yet very homely handmade Christmas decoration idea.


Santa Claus

Make Saint Nicolas with wool or jute. Yes, you heard us right. You can use different colours to design your own Santa Claus. You can also use white socks and thread to make a handmade Santa for Christmas.


The Crib

To make your own little crib at home, use plaster of paris to create little figurines of the Holy Family. You can also opt for clay.


Santa's Stockings

Santa's stockings can be made from new or old socks, but make sure they are in a good condition. Only opt for red shades, as it symbolises the colour of Christmas. Tie a contrast bow at the rim of the socks, so that it can be hung anywhere in the house.


Star Of Bethlehem

The star of Bethlehem can be made with straw, hay and even white woolen thread. However, before you attach any of the following to build the star, make sure that you have a star base made with a bendable wire.


Snow Man

Attach or stitch two white cotton socks together. Use bright coloured buttons for the eyes and for the Snow man's buttons. Don't forget to put a smile on his face too. This cute little handmade Christmas decoration can be made with your little one right at home.


Santa's Sled

Get creative this Christmas 2015. To make a Santa's sled, you need cardboard, jute and a little bit of wood shavings of pencil sharpenings. For the snow man, make him out of two golf balls as well.


Christmas Decorations

To make Christmas decorations for the tree, you will need lots of wool or string, beads and colourful paint. You can either opt for cardboard as base or thermocol. This year use a lot of reindeer, Christmas hollies and candies to decorate the Christmas tree. Use these cool decorative ideas to connect with your family members, as Christmas is all about family bonding and sharing.

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