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Dressing Table Ideas For Small Space

There used to be a time when a woman's dressing table was her most sacred space. She would sit in front of her vanity mirror with all her weapons (toilettes, cosmetics) spread out in front of her and get ready for the day. However, very few lucky women can afford to have big dressing tables in their apartments these days. That is why dressing table ideas for small spaces are very important. You need to have smart dressing table ideas for a small room.

Dressing table ideas for small spaces are the modern alternative to having a large vanity table. Today's women have no time to spend hours on makeup. And even if they have the time, there is never enough space in an average home to fit in an elaborate dressing table. So dressing table ideas for a small home is your only resort.

The most important part of the dressing table is the mirror. Then comes the space to keep your beauty wares. So if you can think of a smart way to fit in a mirror into your home and manage to place your cosmetics around it, you have a space that can be your open dressing room. Here are some really cool dressing table ideas for small spaces that you want to try out.


Curtained Mini Dressing Room

Some master bedrooms have empty blocks in the walls that are used to stuff furniture. You can curtain it off and hang a tiny mirror and shelf on the wall. Get a small stool and set up your mini dressing room within your bedroom.


Mirror Cabinet

Your bedroom set usually includes a cabinet that has drawers to store files or shelves for clothes. If you can fix a mirror on top of this cabinet, then you have a dressing table for small space. You can use the top of the cabinet to keep your perfumes and cosmetics.


The Bathroom Dressing Space

If you have a relatively large bathroom, you can use it to set up a dressing space. A tiny mirrored table like this is perfect for the bathroom. Besides, you can use the drawers to keep your toilettes as well.


Slim Dressing Table

If you can compromise on the breadth of your dressing table, then it shouldn't take too much effort to fit it in against the wall. Such dressing tables can be tall but not broad.


The Flipping Mirror

Usually, the shaving mirror is used by men in the bathroom to shave. You can have one in your bedroom to do your makeup. Keep a couple of holders and baskets next to the mirror to keep your everyday makeup stuff.


Mirrored Wall

This is the most fabulous idea for those who have a terrible space crunch. You can have a mirror that covers one entire wall of your bedroom. Cover up the wall with a curtain. This idea will allow you to have a very large mirror so that you can try out different clothes.

Story first published: Friday, May 9, 2014, 18:31 [IST]
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