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Personal Ways To Decorate Office Cubicle

Do you know why most people are bored to death while working in their office? It is because they do not decorate their office cubicle at all. Your office cubicle is your own space in your work station, and you must add some personal touches to it. If you personalise your work station, you will feel much more at home while you slog at office. Besides, you will be cheered up as you decorate your office cubicle.

Before you decorate your office cubicle, stop and think. What is it in your work desk that needs changing? Most people agree that they could do with a better lighting in their office cubicle. Others feel that the monotonous colours of the office really bore them. So these complains that you have with your work place will give you ideas to decorate your office cubicle. When you personalise your work station, take care of all these tiny details.

Here are some cool and personal ways to decorate your office cubicle.


Keep It Clutter Free

If your office desk is cluttered then no amount of decoration will make it look good. So before you decorate your office cubicle, clear all the clutter. Keep the documents and paperwork in neat piles and then let your creativity flow.


Add Photos

The best way to personalise your work station is to add photos. Add photos of your family, spouse, friends and also your teammates at work. It gives a nice and cheery feel to your work place.


Improve The Lighting

Most people complain that the lighting in their office is dull and harsh. You can solve the problem by adding tasteful table lamp of your own.


Green Touches

The green colour is good for your eyes. So add some greenery to your office. You can keep small potted plants to improve the air circulation and ambiance of your work station.


Funky Pen Stands

The most cost effective way to add some cheer to your office desk is by keeping funky pen stands. It will keep your pens and pencils in place. It will also make your office cubicle look decorated.


Your Motto

When you decorate your office cubicle, you must also improve your work productivity. Take a print out of your work motto and pin it to your soft board. Apart from changing your mood, it might change your salary as well.


Add Some Colour

You must brighten up your work place by adding some colour to it. Buy brightly coloured stationary to keep things interesting in your office.


Use The Soft Board

All office cubicles have soft boards and you must make use of them. Pin up newspaper articles, posters, colourful cartoons and statistics on your personal soft board.

Story first published: Friday, September 20, 2013, 1:00 [IST]
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