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Revamping Your Bedroom To Vintage!

If you still like to get cozy on the old rocking chair of your grandparents, then that's a good way to revamp your bedroom. Vintage is classic, royal and timeless. The carved wooden furniture and heavy metal bed can still be the best pieces for theme decoration. Today, we will suggest a few ideas to make use of the old for the new. Take a look.

Bedroom Designs & Ideas

A vintage bedroom is not as difficult as we think. We can experiment with colours, patterns and prints of the era. The crochet work, lacy cushions, frills, drapes and satins can be the upholstery of the room.
The walls can be plain or may contain Egyptian, floral or Arabic prints on wallpapers. A photo frame of your's dressed in a gown or a ballet dress can go with the vintage wall decor.

Old brass vases, chandeliers can add to the ambiance of the vintage bedroom. Even a candle lantern looks pretty as well as romantic for special occasion like valentines day.

Flooring can be carpeted with the same kind or matching wallpaper print. Choosing a carpet for vintage isn't easy. Not all colours are vintage colours. Gold, wine red, bottle green, royal blue, deep purples and off whites go well with theme decoration.

Old wooden furniture, antiques can be preserved in your vintage bedroom. Corner tables can be normal wood tables with a crochet or silk cloth over it. You old silk gowns can be used to outline the cushions and bedspreads. The piece of cloth can be patch worked on cushion covers to make it look vintage.

Sequins, crystals and yellow lighting will make your vintage bedroom glitter at night. Old brass lamps, candle stands, jewel boxes and telephone instrument need to be dumped in garbage but can be excellent articles of your bedroom.

If you have a chest that stores unwanted things, clean up and make way for the vintage furniture. All your washed and ironed bedspreads can be stored in the chest.
Sandalwood and mahogany are the highly preferred wood for vintage architecture.

Story first published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 14:53 [IST]