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Decorate Home With Flowers: Under Budget!

Flowers are sacred and can be used to decorate the house beautifully. These flowers not only add a different glow to the interiors but also spread their aroma all around. As flowers are considered holy, you can use them to decorate your house in a traditional way to celebrate festivals. As it is festive season and high time to try something traditionally appealing, here are few ideas to decorate your house using flowers. This will not only change the look of your entire house but build the perfect festive ambiance.

Traditional ways to decorate home with flowers:

Curtains of flowers: It is a traditional method used to decorate the house with flowers. It is inexpensive and looks colourful too. Just tie a long thread to a needle and inject single flower inside it till the thread fills. Finish by tying a knot so that the flowers do not fall. Leave a little thread so that you can tie it to the curtain rod without much difficulty. You can either use a single flower or blend some colourful ones just to make an attractive flower curtain. You can tie these curtains in the pooja room or all over the house to cover the windows.

Flower petals showpiece: You must have seen big water bowls in spas with floating candles and flower petals on the surface. Well, you can use the same idea even to decorate your house. Get the special effect in the living room by using a center table and decorating it with this idea. Spread flower petals that are bright and big. You can also light scented candles to spread its aroma in the room.

Floral rangoli: This is a traditional Indian decorating idea that is commonly seen in every house during the festive season. During the festivals, homemakers decorate the space outside the home entrance with rangoli. A rangoli is either drawn with colourful powders, coloured chalks or flowers. You can spread the feeling of the festive mood by decorating your house with flowers by using this idea.

Flower vase: It is one of the most common ideas that is used for home decor. Just use fresh flower stems and add a bulk of them in the flower vase. Simply adding 5-15 stems is not enough. Depending on the size of the flower vase and its location, make use of the space by decorating it with flowers. It is a simple home decor idea that is easy to do and care for! You can trim the stem of the flowers and keep them looking fresh for more than a week. Make sure the flower vase is clean. Decorate the table surface and any other such open space with beautifully shaped flower vases.

Floral meal: Adding few flowers on the dining table is just an incredible idea. Instead of placing a flower vase as a centerpiece on the dining table, use some creativity. Take a bunch of fresh flowers like pink roses and tie them tightly. If possible, hang them with the flower petals facing on the table. The flowers should be hanged like table tube lights. Make sure they are down enough to be clearly visible (not too down to hit on your head when you get up from your chair). To feast with your loved ones, you can use this idea to decorate the dining room with charismatic flowers.

These are few ideas to decorate your home with flowers this festive season. Do you have more home decor ideas? Do share with us.

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