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Cheap Ideas To Decorate Cushion Covers

Cushions can add a spark to the beauty of your sofa or couch. As a comfortable and flexible decor item, you can easily experiment with the cushion covers. To bring a change in the plain cushion designs, use your creativity and decorate your living room or bedroom with this prop. Here are few simple ideas to decorate your cushion covers.

Ideas to decorate cushion covers at home:

This is one of the most common traditional method used to decorate the cushions and bed sheet covers. Chicken embroidery, gota patti and other stitching patterns are sewed to make designs on the plain cushion covers to decorate your living room or bedroom. Depending on the theme of your room and the sofa or bed covers, you can pick up thread colours to embellish the cushion covers. Use your imagination and artistic mind to stitch out some designs on the cover. You can either draw an Egyptian man or simply creative art. See how embroidery adds a special effect to your plain cushions.

Embellished thread/patti: Simply design a plain cushion cover with embellished thread. Buy different coloured threads that can be embroidered. Gota patti or shiny thread are few examples of embellished threads. Prefer colours that either match or contrast with the cushion cover colour. Instead of sticking, stitch the thread on the cushion cover (horizontally or vertically). You can use some embellished flowers or stickers to decorate furthermore. Cover the corners with the embellished colourful threads and stitch stones if required. Prefer threads that do not come out easily. Stitch minutely so that the thread doesn't come out.

External hangouts: This can depend on your creativity and imagination. You can either try with stones or fur. To make the plain cushion cover colour look eye-catchy, buy fur and stitch on the corner ends of the cushion. Stitch on the cushion covers and see a new look on your sofa! Furry cushion covers will look cool on couch or bedroom cushion covers. You can also make pleats with a cloth piece and stitch it with a stitching machine.

Stones accessory: You can also try something really easy with the cushion cover. Decorate the covers and room by trying this accessory. Take colourful stones and with the help of a needle, put them inside a thin plastic thread. After adding few stones, close the ends by tying a knot. Now, stitch the stone accessory on the corner of the cushion cover. The corners are actually the 4 joining points on a square or a rectangular cushion cover. Stitch at the end of the accessory. The beads should hang out from the cushion cover corners.

These are few ways to experiment with the cushion covers and decorate the sofa of living room or bed of the bedroom. Do you know any other methods that can add a spark to the interior decor of your house?

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