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7 Easy Homemade Decorations For Christmas

By Staff

If it is your home that you are going to decorate then it is best to do so with your homemade Christmas decorations. The advantages of decorating with easy Christmas crafts are many and expenses is just one of them. You can give vent to your creativity and taste because you do not have the compulsion to pick up whatever is there on the shelves of the stores. As Christmas is just approaching, so your time limit and choices keep getting fewer. To do home decorations for Christmas quickly at home you can make use of some ideas.

Here are some ideas for homemade Christmas decorations to deck up your home.

1. Locked Chains: This is one of the most popular, traditional and elementarily easy Christmas crafts that will make your home pretty. Every kid does his/her own version of it so you can do it too. You need to cut streamers or paper, preferably marble paper, into long strips. Now apply glue on one side and make a circle out of the first strip. Interlock all the other strips making a long chain and then hang it from the ceiling or the top of the Christmas tree.

2. Pumpkin Lanterns: Although these are typical of Halloween and they brighten up Christmas as well. Make a flattish circular lantern and cut out a jagged smile and small eyes from it. Light it up with bulbs inside it. You can put three pumpkins with varying heights in one corner.

3. Gleaming Stars: You can either make start shaped lanterns exactly like you make the pumpkins or else cut out one dimensional stars from colourful or shinny paper. Stick it on paper boards or hang it with threads.

4. Bowing Bows: Bows are the best way to add that happy touch to your homemade Christmas decorations. Make clusters of bows and use them as centre pieces in glass bowls. You could place a bow next to every plate on your table and also flank the entrance door with bow strings.

5. Green Wreaths: No Christmas home decoration is complete without a bit of green. As holly or green wreaths are a Christmas tradition, do not leave them out. Add you sweet touch by making abstract shapes of green wreaths or using holly sticks with bows and paper decorations.

6. Family Collages: Christmas time is family time. You can make an innovative collage of photographs of all your family members. Make pretty cardboard frames with intricate work and display the strength of your family.

7. Cotton Snow: Flakes of snow is one of the most appropriate themes for Christmas and it is a laughably easy Christmas craft too. All you need is rolls of cotton. Arrange them in layers around your Christmas tree to make it look real. You can also use shredded cotton to give a snowing effect and scatter thermocol balls for bonus.

Use these homemade Christmas decoration ideas to do festival decorations.