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10 Baby Shower Decoration Ideas!

Baby shower, also known as godh bharai in India, is a celebration of the pregnant woman who will give birth to a new life very soon. Baby shower is celebrated after the completion of seventh or eighth month of gestation when the baby reaches safe phase. Godh bharai means filling the lap of the pregnant woman with gifts, blessings and well wishes with sweets or fruits. It is a big celebration in the family. Decorating for the baby shower will add to the mood and joyous ambiance. So, baby shower decoration is a must if you are planning to celebrate it big! Lets check out the simple yet elegant baby shower decoration ideas.

Baby shower decoration ideas:

1. Use pastel colours as irrespective of the gender, pastel colours go well with both baby girl or baby boy.

2. Go for bright pastel colours to energise the mood. Fill the surrounding with balloons as it is associated with birthdays and kids! You can spread on the floor or stick to the wall. But be careful while walking if you leave on the floor. It is best to hang the balloons to the wall if you plan to use the floor completely. Put streamers on the wall.

3. Use flowers like roses and orchids in baby bottles or flower vase with cartoon characters. It will not only brighten the ambiance but also spread good smell to enhance the celebration mood.

4. Put toys like teddys, cars, toy trains to create a baby based theme.

5. Baby shower decoration should have diapers, milk bottles, baby clothes and toys to create the mood. You can also use pastel clothespin to attach baby clothes and hang them on a wire.

6. Put a pram and place toys and baby games. Baby shower party decoration can also have a stroller or walker at the centre. Don't leave it empty. Place teddy's to fill the gap.

7. Use baby bathing tub for decorating baby shower party. Fill it with water and put floating toys like ducks, frog and fishes. You can also fill the tub with candies and toys to gift the newborn later.

8. Use candles to add elegant and classy touch to the baby shower party decoration. Scented candles spread its aroma and enhance the mood. Don't use strong scented candles as the smell may choke the pregnant woman.

9. Decorate the dining table with table mats of baby pictures. You can also use streamers to decorate the table and chairs.

10. You can fill baby socks with candies and place on the table for guests. You can also gift to guests having small kids.

Use these baby shower decoration ideas to celebrate your godh bharai.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 7, 2011, 11:34 [IST]
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