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Beautiful Stones For Beautiful Homes

By Staff

If you are looking for something beautiful and unique to decorate your house, come to Bihar and your dream would be fulfilled as the state is rich in deposits of colourful decorative stones.

Bihar has a large quantity of high quality granite deposits available at an affordable price. The granite is mostly used to give a different look to the house and other buildings and are available in various colours, including pink, yellow, red, grey, black and others.

Traced in Bihar, the multicoloured granites have the potential to become a rage in the architecture world and export-oriented granite industry can be developed in the state.

A number of best quality granite deposits are found in five districts of Gaya, Nawada, Jehanabad, Jamui and Banka. Once granite mining is done extensively and its industries are developed properly it can help in solving the problems of extremism facing the state in the absence of development and employment opportunities.

Around 30 known deposits of decorative stones have been explored in these five districts where 67.99 million cubic metres granite deposits have been found. These deposits include best quality granite of about 32.04 million cubic metres.

Historical records reveal that the use of rocks and stones in Bihar dates back to the ancient period of Emperor Ashoka.

The manually carved out and excellently polished cave of Lomas Rishi in the Barabar hills of Jenahabad district is built up of granite. The inner walls of the granite caves are embellished with beautiful sculptures.

Story first published: Thursday, October 30, 2008, 15:25 [IST]
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