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Crafts That You Can Make With Household Items

By: Ajanta Sen

Is your house stuffed with the boring household scraps? Want to get rid of them? Before discarding them, just give it a thought whether you can do something creative with them.

The article puts emphasis on how you can create some beautiful and useful items with these bits and pieces of scraps.

Following are a few creative, exciting and easy craft ideas which you can try for yourself or even inspire your kids to make some of these.

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These simple and innovative craft ideas will not only help you to recycle your household waste, but it will also impress the visitors visiting your home. So, get your creative caps on and have a look at these items that you could recreate to bring out the artist in you.

Crafts Made With Household Items

Old Bottles
Are you about to chuck out those old bottles lying in your store room? Wait! you can do something amazing with them. Collect your all old beer, wine or spirit bottles. You can paint them beautifully, wrap them with strings and use them as decorative pieces or as candle holders.

Old CDs
Did you find old CDs that have been lying in your cupboard for quite a while now? Collect them and you can use your creativity to make a variety of crafts with CDs such as coasters, attractive mirror frames (by cutting/smashing the CDs into pieces and sticking on the borders of a mirror), etc.

Crafts Made With Household Items

Old Baking Sheets
Just bought a new baking sheet? Before throwing away the old one, mull over some ideas to turn it out into something exciting. A couple of crafts using an old baking sheet are magnetic board to stick notes, decorative serving trays, jewellery and makeup items holder, etc.

Old Wine Corks
Collect some old wine corks and make a pretty picture frame out of it. All you need is to take some acrylic colours, brush, an incomplete wooden frame (with dimensions as per the picture you are intending to frame), wine corks (depending upon the size of the frame you will need less or more) and hot glue gun. Paint the frame in your preferred colour, let it dry. Cut each cork into about ¼th inch slices and paint them with various colours and let them dry. Cover the edges of the frame by sticking the cork slices with the help of glue. You can stick the slices in any pattern you want.

Old Soda Cans
Don't chuck those old soda cans. It can be great fun to involve your kids in creating an easy yet exciting craft with these cans. A pencil or a pen holder is one such craft activity, which you can do with your old soda cans. First of all, wash the can properly to remove all kinds of residues and allow it to dry. Use a can opener to take out the lid of the can or you can also cut the entire top portion of the soda can. Now, when you get a large opening, you can keep your pens, pencils and other writing stuff in it. You can even decorate the can with some stickers of your choice.

Crafts Made With Household Items

Old Newspapers
Take some old newspapers and create beautiful gift wrappers of different sizes and shapes. For instance, if you want to make a gift wrapper for a kid, you can select the comics section of the newspaper; or if it is your fashion-freak friend, then you can select and cut the fashion segment of a newspaper.

Old Tires
Take an old tire of your car and you can make a pretty flower pot to hang it in your home's garage or in your balcony. Take a used old tire and paint it. Thereafter, take some flowers like petunia or begonias and plant them with soil at the base of the tire. These alluring hanging tire pots will surely catch everybody's attention.

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Story first published: Monday, November 21, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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