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Why Is Your Body Craving Orange Juice?

It happens out of the blue, with no warning and the irk does not go away until you feed it, yes, literally feed it. I'm talking about nothing but food cravings here. Some health experts suggest that food cravings are a sign of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Chocolate cravings, for example, are traditionally associated with low magnesium levels in the body.

However, there are contradictory views of this as well. According to a study finding, no connection between food cravings and nutritional deficiencies were reported. With many studies being conducted to explore the reasons behind specific food craving, some have indeed gathered findings and one of those is of orange juice.


So, Why Does Your Body Crave For Orange Juice?

Fresh orange juice contains a lot of minerals, flavonoids, vitamins and phytonutrients, all of which are essential for your overall health.

Besides vitamin C, a very crucial vitamin for our body, orange juice also supplies us with iron, manganese, zinc, folic acid, phosphorus, etc. On top of it, orange juice has no calories that can adversely affect your health.


Your body needs some vitamin C

If you are suddenly hit with a strong desire to drink orange juice, it could be an indication that your body needs more vitamin C and is possibly even fighting off an infection.


Low glucose levels

Recent studies have pointed out that when our blood sugar levels drop we lose our ability to control desire and can develop an increased urge to consume food. According to a study, it was found that small drops in blood sugar activated the region of the brain that produces a desire to eat, while adequate levels of blood sugar activated the region of the brain that controls impulses.


It could be stress

According to a study published in Harvard Health, stress could be one of the major reasons for craving orange juice. When you're stressed, the cortisol levels in your body increase and your body enters the fight-or-flight mode. Chronic or prolonged stress affects food choices and food preferences by throwing your hormones out of balance, thereby resulting in emotional eating and trigger cravings.


It could be your gut bacteria

One of the other reasons why you crave for orange juice is due to an unhealthy gut. Gut bacteria influence your food preferences, appetite, hormone production, metabolism and more. They influence your eating behaviour in two ways, that is, they can induce cravings for foods that they feed on or foods that suppress other bacteria they're competing with. These bacteria can also induce feelings of dissatisfaction and restlessness, causing you to eat food that can enhance their well-being, by manipulating your taste receptors and brain chemicals.


It is nothing but stimulation

If your craving for oranges started right after seeing them in the grocery or a TV commercial, then it is just due to the stimulation of your senses. Research suggests that the mind craves for certain foods that it comes across.


Hormones during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women undergo certain hormonal changes. This could be one of the reasons for craving orange juice. Of course, pregnant women can enjoy orange juice in moderate amounts.


On A Final Note…

Health experts and doctors say that if a person discovers that they are experiencing a craving for orange juice, then they should feel free to indulge the craving. Defined to be a healthy addiction, it is all right to enjoy occasional glasses of orange juice. However, if the craving intensifies or is present for several days then it is wise to visit the doctor.

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