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Unmoda Launches Sustainable Period Underwear On Women's Day

By Lekhaka

Unmoda, a sustainable and ethical fashion and apparel brand by NC John & Sons Pvt Ltd, has launched the ideal solution for sustainable menstruation - reusable period underwear that is comfortable, durable, and ethical. It is made of 4 layers and offers stain-free, leak-proof, odour-free, and antibacterial protection.

The brand was founded in response to the growing need for sustainable solutions for menstruation. Menstrual hygiene products contribute to a staggering 6 per cent of all municipal waste in India. 1 million sanitary pads are generated monthly to meet the demand from menstruating girls and women, which results in the production and disposal of 12 billion pads annually in India, alone. This is extremely concerning because a singular pad can take up to 800 years to decompose. Unmoda strives to fill this gap with a product that is accessible to all and good for the environment.

"Each of us has to take responsibility and play an active role to save the collective future of our planet", Alexander Neroth, CEO of N C John & Sons garment division and founder of Unmoda, states. Unmoda wants to shift focus to creating apparel that is deeply impactful to individuals and the planet. Period underwear, which is ethical, sustainable, and inclusive is just the starting point for this revolution - of the fashion industry and our mindsets."

Unmoda believes that creating a solution that can be adopted with ease is a powerful way to positively impact the way people feel and behave. The adoption of period underwear and sustainable clothing is a medium to create a profound and long-lasting influence in a person's life, while significantly impacting the environment.

Unmoda aims to be the voice for those that are determined to take steps towards a better future - and are not afraid to refresh their lifestyle to do it. Unmoda wants every piece they produce to be more than just a piece of clothing - they want it to be meaningful in the way it empowers people and drives positive change.

About Unmoda

Unmoda is a sustainable fashion and apparel brand that is a catalyst for change. The ultimate mission is to help create a world where we can live in harmony with nature. Moda means fashion in Spanish and over 20 other languages, but we wish to 'unmoda'. Our unease with the fashion industry and how unethical and wasteful it is pushed us to deconstruct what is fashionable today - and move towards something that is sustainable, ethical, and inclusive as well. Period underwear was the perfect place to start, to empower women when they are most vulnerable. However, the future of unmoda has a lot in store for everything fashionable and sustainable.

About NC John

N.C John & Sons is an over 75 years old family-run business and have been in apparel for the last 29 years. We make natural floor coverings and sustainable apparel. We are one of the very few 100% sustainable manufacturers of apparel, with a large variety of sustainable and earth-friendly materials. Our motto is "In Harmony with Nature" and our mission is to ensure that we respect and support the planet. To achieve this, we have aligned our company with United Nations Sustainable Development.

Story first published: Monday, March 8, 2021, 9:00 [IST]