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Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020: Effective Devices To Diagnose Breast Cancer In Women

Every year in the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is marked globally. The day is to bring attention to the early detection and treatment of the condition which is among the second leading cause of death in women, both in developed and developing countries.

The theme for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021 focuses on buddying up with one another because no one should fight cancer alone.

According to WHO, there are around 2.09 million estimated cases of breast cancer until 2018. It is estimated that most of the deaths due to breast cancer take place in underdeveloped countries due to the lack of early detection. Also, around 60% of women are diagnosed with this cancer at an advanced stage.

There are several modern devices as well as techniques that are used to detect breast cancer. They are important to improve the survival rate of women by their early detection and timely treatment. The risks of late detection of breast cancer may lead to travel of the cancerous cells to the lymph nodes under the arms from where cancer can spread to other parts of the body.

Take a look at a few devices that help detect breast cancer at an early stage.

1. Breast Examination System

It is a medical device that is usually used by medical experts to detect breast cancer at an early stage. The device uses liquid crystal technology to detect the high temperature- which is an alarming sign for the presence of breast cancer in breast areas and its capillaries. This breast examination is painless and safe as no type of radiation is used to carry out the detection process.

2. Breastlight

It is a type of device which doesn't require a doctor's appointment. Breastlight device provides the comfort to screen any breast problem just by sitting at home. It helps to detect lumps in the breast and checks for any change in its shape, size, the appearance of the nipples or any pain point which may be an early sign of breast cancer. Breastlight device usually flashes harmless red light to look for any abnormalities in the breasts. They are also known as Pink luminous.

3. Mammogram

This method is carried out to get a clear picture of any abnormalities in the breasts. The method is carried out even when a woman has no symptoms of breast cancer. A mammogram is the most effective way to detect breast cancer at a very early stage and reduce the risk of death due to it.

4. Infrared Digital Imaging (IDI)

This method is based on the principle that breast cancer tissues have increased metabolic activity and vascular circulation than normal tissues. The process is carried out by the radiologist who analyses and decodes a series of infrared images obtained by using IDI. In this process, no physical contact or liquids are required. [1]

5. Infrared Light Self Massager

This device is used to analyse the health of the breasts anytime and anywhere. The massager uses vibration and harmless infrared lights to self-check for any abnormalities in the breast. Infrared massagers are usually lightweight, handy and can be carried easily. It also helps to detect any cancerous cells near the armpit.

6. IBreastExam

It is a type of scanner which is used to detect lesions in the breast at an early stage to prevent the risk of breast cancer. Ibreastexam is a painless and no radiation exam device which takes less than five minutes to find out any abnormalities and provide results after scanning the breast. The device does not require a medical expert to operate.

Can breast cancer kill you?

No, breast cancer cannot kill you if it is detected at an early stage. Advanced staged breast cancer can also be treated by effective treatment methods such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy or surgery. Rarely it can cause death if cancer has metastasised to other body parts.

1. What are the 5 warning signs of breast cancer?

The five warning signs of breast cancer include swelling in the breast, a lump in the breast or near the armpit, nipple discharge (not milk), itching or irritation and pain near the area surrounding the nipple.

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