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10 Home Remedies To Prevent Swine Flu

On 6 January, 43 cases of swine flu were reported in Hyderabad, which indicates a rise in the number of cases in the state and has been reported to surge further by the end of the month. Although out of the 100 samples, 7 per cent have been reported H1N1 positive, health experts and hospitals have requested the public to be on alert.

Swine flu is a respiratory disease caused by influenza viruses that infect the respiratory tract and causes barking cough, decreased appetite and nasal secretions. The disease was initially reported in pigs and spread to human beings. Like other strains of the flu, H1N1 is highly contagious and can quickly spread from one person to the other [1] .

Even a small sneeze from an infected individual is enough for the germs to spread through the air and get stuck on to surface areas like doorknobs and furniture. In the event of the outbreak, one must be aware of the ways and means to prevent the onset of swine flu [2] .

Since swine flu is transmitted through air droplets from the affected patient, maintaining proper hygiene is the basic precautionary measure one should follow. Fever, headache, fatigue, sore throat and diarrhoea are a few of the symptoms of swine flu and if these symptoms tend to elevate in a period of 4 to 5 days, go to a doctor immediately [3] .

The best means of dealing with swine flu is to prevent it. Here are some simple and effective ways that would help prevent the onset of the condition.


1. Garlic

One of the most beneficial herbs, garlic has been proven to help prevent swine flu. The presence of allicin in the herb help stimulate antioxidant activities in the body. The antioxidant activity, in turn, fights off the foreign microbes of swine flu and help improve your immunity against the flu.

Swallow 2 garlic pods with warm water in an empty stomach every morning to gain the preventive benefit.


2. Ginseng

Studies have pointed out that ginseng and its extracts are extremely beneficial in preventing H1N1 influenza. On consumption, the herb attacks the viral strain causing swine flu, thereby preventing the disease from attacking your immune system.

Drinking a cup of ginseng tea every day can help prevent swine flu. It is also beneficial for swine flu patients.


3. Basil (Tulsi)

The tulsi plant has various health as well as therapeutic benefits, studies point out. The medicinal properties of the plant can help keep your throat and lungs clear of infection and strengthen your immune system against swine flu.

Experts suggest that you can have five leaves of the medicinal plant every morning.


4. Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Rich in vitamin C, Indian gooseberry is packed with immune-boosting properties. Consuming amla can help improve your body's resistance to several infections.

You can eat 3 to 4 gooseberries every day or drink its juice daily to keep your body protected from swine flu.


5. Olive Leaves

We are well aware of the amazing health benefits of olive fruit and olive oil. However, very few are aware of the deluge of benefits olive leaves possess. Leaves of this herb are rich in polyphenols and flavonoids which help you fight the symptoms of swine flu, such as nausea, chills, fever and headaches.

You can consume olive leaves extract regularly to keep swine flu at bay.


6. Turmeric Milk

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric (haldi) is a natural antioxidant which has been long used for treating cold, flu, infections and for healing physical injuries as well. The preventive benefits of turmeric can be combined with a warm glass of milk.

Drink a glass of milk with a pinch of turmeric before going to bed to improve your immunity and prevent the onset of swine flu.


7. Regular Exercise

Studies point out that exercising regularly can help enhance your blood circulation, which in turn promote the spread of immune cells in your system. Regular exercise also helps in discharging endorphins which stimulate the lymphatic system to release the blood cell, thereby building a strong immune system which can help prevent the viral strain from attacking your body.


8. Proper Sleep

A healthy amount of sleeping hour can help put your mind at ease and thereby help manage your stress level and vice versa, that is, managing your stress levels can help improve your sleep quality as well. Lack of proper sleep can impact your body in several ways. To maintain the appropriate function of your body, you need a minimum of seven-hour sleep. An interrupted sleep results in releasing stress hormones which have an acute negative impact on your immunity.


9. Hydration

Drink lots of fluids, mostly warm fluids which can help ward off the viruses present in your body. Many studies suggest that people who take preventive measures such as staying well hydrated, taking vitamins, and getting plenty of rest are at a reduced risk of developing the infection.


10. Wear A Mask

With the incidence of swine flu on the rise, always wear a mask before going out. Try to avoid unsanitary surroundings and more importantly keep your house and your surroundings clean.

Note: Although the aforementioned home remedies are effective methods, consult a doctor when you develop the symptoms. Also, get medical advice before incorporating the above-said remedies into your diet.

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