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Holiday Depression: 7 Tips On How To Beat The Holiday Blues

In the course of the holiday season, the feeling of sadness can last for a long time, especially during the months of December and even January. This is referred to as the holiday blues or holiday depression. Holidays are usually regarded as a time of joy and happiness. However, it may be a time of reflection, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, and depression for some individuals.

Even those who enjoy the holiday season can experience the blues during this busy time of year. There is often a high level of emotion and demands around the holiday season, resulting in people feeling stressed and exhausted.

However, it is not necessary that you have to embrace the sadness and push through. There are several ways you can boost your mood this joyful season. Take a look.

Tips On How To Beat The Holiday Blues

1. Connect And Socialise

Reaching out to family members and friends during the holidays can help if you experience feelings of isolation, loneliness, or sadness.

Feelings of social isolation may exacerbate depression. Unfortunately, sadness often makes you want to hide at home by yourself. In addition, if you are away from family during the holidays, reaching out for social support can be more difficult. You may be able to meet new people and strengthen your ties to your community through volunteering for a local organisation if you do not have a lot of people to call or visit [1]. Doing something meaningful for others can help reduce loneliness, depression, and stress during the holidays.

2. Accept The Loss

When grieving the loss of a loved one, certain holiday customs or memories can serve as a reminder of their absence. Instead of suppressing your feelings of sadness, you might find it helpful to acknowledge your feelings and commemorate the person you have lost.

Consider establishing a new holiday tradition in their honour. Conversely, you may choose to skip other traditions or activities that are too painful to participate in without them [2].

3. Set Realistic Expectations

Limiting stress requires setting realistic expectations. You may want to scale back on holiday decorations, baking goals, and social engagements if you are feeling overwhelmed. Prioritise the tasks and activities that are most important to you rather than taking on everything.

Budgeting for the holidays may also reduce stress by reducing financial strain [3]. Avoid spending more than you can afford on gifts and activities.

4. Take Care Of Yourself

While practising healthy habits might not be your number one priority during the holiday season, they are imperative to maintaining good mental health. Basic things such as maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping up with the activities you typically engage in, as well as participating in the positive activities you enjoy, and not allowing stressful events to overwhelm all that - this is the foundation for healthy coping strategies. Be sure to get enough sleep, exercise, and moderate your consumption of holiday treats.

5. Plan Ahead

If you plan ahead, you may be able to cope with whatever holiday stressors you encounter.

6. Drink Only In Moderation

Alcohol is a depressant and drinking too much alcohol can intensify any negative emotions. You do not have to stop drinking immediately. Don't use alcohol as a means of dealing with or avoiding difficult emotions, but rather limit your consumption. Try to limit your consumption of alcoholic drinks to one or two when attending social functions [4].

7. Learn To Say 'No'

As the holidays approach, more people ask for help and make demands on your time and resources. Invitations to holiday parties can quickly turn into stressful obligations [5]. It is always possible for small favours for friends to turn into huge projects that you did not anticipate. Identify your limits and learn how to say "no" to avoid overcommitting.

We hope you have a peaceful and mindful holiday season. Happy New Year!

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