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Healthy Raksha Bandhan Gifts For Your Siblings That Won't Burn A Hole In Your Pocket!

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner. So if you are thinking of what to gift your siblings, you've come to the right place. In India, Raksha Bandhan celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. The tradition of tying a colourful thread or 'Rakhi' on a brother's wrist every year is based on the promise that the brother will always protect the sister. During this event, siblings exchange sweets and gifts with one another. So instead of gifting them the same old soan papadi or kaaju katli, why don't you try something different (read healthy) this time?

Health And Wellness Raksha Bandhan Gifts For Your Siblings

1. Healthy snacks hamper

It's no secret that eating healthy snacks is essential for good health. So make a gift hamper with healthy snacks like nuts and seeds, ghee-roasted makhanas, roasted chana, baked healthy snacks, etc. It'll help your sibling have enough healthy snacks for a while - and they can munch on these without feeling guilty about consuming unhealthy weight.

2. Bicycle

This is a bit on the expensive side, but cycling has gained much momentum in recent years. Bikers are now on the road early in the mornings and evenings, paving their way to good health. Give your sibling a bicycle this Raksha Bandhan if he/she loves cycling. Cycling is a great cardio exercise that can also help relieve stress [1].

3. Herbal teas

The market now offers a wide variety of herbal tea bags. Tulsi, honey, lemon, ginger, turmeric, and chamomile are known to relieve sore throats and boost immunity and are some of the common herbal tea flavours available. Herbal teas also have immunity-boosting properties [2] and would make an ideal gift for Raksha Bandhan.

4. Herb seed kit

Your plant-mom/plant-dad siblings will love an easy-to-assemble and inexpensive gift like a herb seed kit. What's more, they can watch their gift grow before their eyes - fun, right?

In addition to improving mental health, gardening can improve concentration, focus, and mood. The act of gardening can enhance your sense of peace and contentment. By focusing on the immediate tasks and details of gardening, you can reduce negative thoughts and feelings [3].

5. Ice roller

A gift like this would be ideal for a sibling who suffers from chronic headaches. An ice roller boosts circulation, de-puffs the eyes and skin, aids lymphatic drainage, soothes muscle tension, and calms irritated skin. An ice roller massager can significantly reduce the pain caused by migraines and muscle strain and can be more effective than an ice pack at reducing the pain [4].

6. A health check-up

Giving your sibling a full-body health check-up is perhaps the most relevant and appropriate gift. Have your sibling's blood tested for nutritional deficiency, blood pressure, HbA1c, cholesterol, and other essential tests to help them make informed decisions about their health.

7. Pedometer

The old-fashioned pedometer you tuck in a purse or pocket is a great motivation to keep active throughout the day - not to mention that keeping it separate from your phone may help minimize screen time.

8. A jump rope

With home workouts on the rise, many gym enthusiasts are adapting their old workouts. Jump ropes are a great way to mix up your workout routine without taking up a lot of space. Choose one with a polyester rope, a nylon sleeve for extra protection, and soft rubber handles for optimal comfort [5].

9. Ankle weights

Any home workout is better with ankle weights. Depending on what muscle group you're trying to work with, you can wear them on your ankles or wrists. Ankle weights are made of soft, stretchy, comfortable material that absorbs moisture, so you can wear them all day long [6].

10. Home-cooked meal

Easily the best gift on the list, a home-cooked meal is healthy and shows your love for your sibling, right? The gift of time can be the best gift of all. The best way to appreciate your sibling is this Raksha Bandhan - a thoughtfully prepared dinner at your home or at theirs. Don't forget to inquire about any dietary restrictions or allergies and assure them they can turn off their devices, disconnect, and enjoy a tasty home-cooked meal.

On A Final Note...

Hope you all have a wonderful Raksha Bandhan full of love, bonding, life, and health!

Story first published: Friday, August 5, 2022, 16:49 [IST]
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