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Every Seven Years Comes With A New Life Challenge: What Happens To Us During These Phases?

Studies say that an adult human body contains around 37 trillion cells, and each day, around a billion cells die and are replaced by other cells. [1] [2].

The cells in our body constantly replicate, producing their own replacements as they get older and more damaged. This idea of programmed cell death has led to a theory that our body replaces each part of itself, inside and out, every seven years.

Cellular renewal activity happens differently in different body parts. For example, the skin is the outer layer of the body and faces more wear and tear, which is why the cells of the skin rejuvenate every 3-4 weeks. [3]

Similarly, the liver cells may take around 150-500 days, the hair around 3-6 years, the bones around 10 years, the stomach lining cells every two days, red blood cells around four months and heart cells around three years during normal homeostasis. [4] Also, the cell regeneration cycle stops after 70 years.

So, what changes occur every seven years of a human being's life?

0-7 Years

This time period is considered crucial in a person's life. During this time, a person is more dependent and requires love, support and protection more than in other life phases. The stage causes our inner and mental structures to develop and enables us to feel, think and be conscious of our identities as people in later years. Our behavioural and cognitive abilities develop and we learn about speech, movements, relationships and the environment.

8-14 Years

During this phase, physical as well as psychological developments take place. The sexual organs gradually begin to develop and the thymus gland shrinks significantly, which plays an important role in the maturation of white blood cells. The milk teeth are replaced by adult teeth. The child's interests and visibility get clearer according to their interests, and their character is shaped by the habits they learned while growing up. Their exposure to the outer world increases, along with the development of their communication and interactive skills.

15-21 Years

The phase is characterised by wild emotions and raging hormones. Individuals between these age groups have confusing emotional energies, which are reflected in their estranged relationships. There is a great hormonal rush inside the body, and they become aware of their sexuality. This is also the time when youngsters become self-conscious of their talents.

22-28 Years

The young adult eventually transitions into maturity during this phase, both mentally and emotionally. During this stage, individuals learn to control their emotions. Their physical abilities, enthusiasm and independence stay on top and they begin building the foundation for their profession. They also learn commitment and, thus, find a lifetime partner and learn to live a life by being respectful and compassionate.

29-35 Years

An individual's creativity shines during this stage and their physical foundation is at its strongest, along with being full of knowledge and ambition. A majority of people during the phase will experience career highs, long-lasting relationships, marriage, having children, and other life milestones. The feelings and raging hormones become subtle and family, friends and society become their primary focus.

36-42 Years

This is the phase of "mid-life crisis" and questioning. A person is either pleased with their situation at this point or thinking about whether they should make a significant change in their lives. They evaluate their decisions on occupations, finances, relationships and habits and plan to modify them for the best. This is time to either setback and lose confidence due to previous mistakes or start afresh with a new committed dream.

43-49 Years

This is the phase of building a solid foundation for the future. In the 40s, individuals put a lot of effort into building their worth and becoming truly competent and knowledgeable in their chosen field. People are released from old family-related responsibilities and the upbringing of children. Women go through menopause or perimenopause. Life gets stress-free and people seek to be of service to their community or country.

49-56 Years

This is a phase of spiritual awakening. People in their 50s are filled with wealth, inspiration, experience and wisdom. They are generally content with where they are in life. They accept their changing bodies and are satisfied with their fulfilled mission in life. Some get into depression due to their life failures and also get scared of ageing.

57-63 Years

At this phase, intuition and knowledge get stronger and people get a deeper understanding of life. New intuitive and spiritual abilities now begin to manifest, and this sense directs in life and helps individuals find solutions. People get comfortable with life and start devoting their experience and talents to a greater cause.

64-70 Years

The phase allows individuals to be free from the struggles of life and become a source of inspiration or guide for those in need. This is the time to give back to the world the things they have learned their whole lives. individuals get a deeper understanding of themselves and feel no attraction to worldly things.

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