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Erectile Dysfunction And The Mediterranean Diet: What Is The Link?

Men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) may have found a remedy to the misunderstood condition, a Mediterranean diet. Research from ESC Congress 2021 has stated that men with higher blood pressure are twice as likely to suffer from ED compared to those with normal blood pressure levels.

The study of 250 males with hypertension (high blood pressure) found that men who regularly eat a Mediterranean diet, which consists heavily of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, dairy products and limited red meat, had a better erectile performance.

Dr. Athanasios Angelis of the University of Athens, Greece said: "In our study, consuming a Mediterranean diet was linked with better exercise capacity, healthier arteries and blood flow, higher testosterone levels, and better erectile performance.

"The findings suggest that the Mediterranean diet could play a role in maintaining several parameters of vascular health and quality of life and in middle-aged men with hypertension and erectile dysfunction."

Many people still feel embarrassed about ED, with taboos and social stigma surrounding the subject hindering men when seeking help about the condition. Whilst it's largely a well-understood condition, there is scope for additional remedies and dietary approaches to augment current ED treatment.

Here are some Mediterranean food recipes.

1. Breakfast: Mediterranean Hummus Toast

A wholesome breakfast, packed with wholesome goodies and fresh veggies to get your day off to the right start.

Simply spread hummus on sourdough bread, topped with finely chopped tomatoes, cucumber, rocket, and sprinkled with some grated feta.

2. Lunch: Lemon Orzo Salad Bowl

Orzo is a rice-shaped pasta packed in fibre and protein. This meal is packed with fresh vegetables which can lower cholesterol and reap the benefits in the bedroom.

Simply bring orzo to the boil for 25 minutes, while finely chopping a mix of vegetables. Cucumber, red onion, chickpeas, basil, mint, spinach, are the perfect choice. Then drain the orzo and mix together, topping with feta. To finish, squeeze some fresh lemon juice, mix again and enjoy.

3. Dinner: Mediterranean Chicken Skillet

For dinner, try this chicken skillet recipe, filled with all the Mediterranean staples; garlic, lemon juice, tomatoes, olives, spinach and feta.

Slice open some boneless chicken fillets and fill with garlic and spices, then fry or grill until browned.

Once the chicken is cooked until tender, add finely chopped tomatoes and onions and let cook for a further 3 minutes. Next add fresh parsley, olives, spinach and feta cheese and enjoy with some rice, pasta or salad.

With inputs from men's health platform Manual.

Story first published: Saturday, September 4, 2021, 14:30 [IST]