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5 Best Fruits To Eat During Pregnancy

Food is always the primary need for any human being. Especially during pregnancy, making healthy food choices is of utmost importance.

Though you might have heard the irritating statement many times during your pregnancy, you really do have to eat for two.

The choices that you make will affect both you and the growing baby in your womb.

Fruits have an important role to play in the diet of a mother-to-be. A pregnant woman's body requires nutrients for the optimal development of the foetus. While all fruits are generally good for pregnant women, there are certain fruits that a pregnant woman is specifically encouraged to consume.

Let us see the 5 best fruits for a pregnant woman to consume.



Packed with nutrients, apples are proven to be beneficial for pregnant women. In addition to being rich in Vitamins A and C, apples are also a good source for potassium and fibre.

Studies have revealed a beneficial association between the consumption of apples during pregnancy by the mother and the appearance of wheezing and asthma in their children at the age of five years. [1] Flavonoids in apples are polyphenolic compounds that have antioxidant capacities. It is the flavonoids in apples that are associated with a reduced risk of developing asthma.



Rich in vitamins and minerals, bananas are considered to be an ideal fruit to consume during pregnancy.

Iron deficiency is one of the most commonly found complaints in pregnant women. Bananas have been found to be good at boosting the haemoglobin levels in the body.

Bananas also help in relieving vomiting and nausea experienced during pregnancy.

Folic acid in bananas is also good for the baby in the womb as it reduces the risk of birth defects as well as lowers the chances of the baby being born prematurely.

Bananas also stimulate the appetite of pregnant women that are generally prone to feel an aversion to food during pregnancy.



Pomegranates contain the highest levels of polyphenol among all the dietary supplements that are available in the market. [2] Studies have come to the finding that the consumption of pomegranates during pregnancy has been seen to aid in neuroprotection of infants.

Pomegranates are also a rich source of Vitamin K, iron, fibre, protein, and calcium.



Oranges are one of the most commonly consumed fruits during pregnancy. In a study conducted on 200 women, it was found that while banana was the most commonly consumed fruit [with 95.4%], oranges came second with 88.8%, followed by apples at 88.3%. The study was conducted on recently pregnant and currently pregnant English and Spanish speaking women in Downey, California. [3]

Oranges, as a full fruit or in the form of a juice, are recommended for pregnant women. However, care must be taken to avoid juices available in tetra packs as they usually contain preservatives. Eating the orange whole brings maximum benefits. If you do not wish to eat the fruit and prefer sipping on a juice instead, it is preferable to take freshly squeezed juice made at home.

Oranges are good for strengthening your immune system. An orange can also help in the brain development of the growing foetus in your womb.

Oranges are also good at regularising your blood pressure.



Rich in Vitamins A and C, mangoes are also commonly consumed during pregnancy.

While mangoes are beneficial on their own, a risk is nevertheless present wherein calcium carbide is used for artificially ripening the fruit. It is primarily for this reason that pregnant women are told to consume mangoes with due caution.

Interestingly, a common food craving among a large number of pregnant women is that for unripe mangoes [82%] and unripe tamarind [26.6%]. [4]

Loaded with nutrients, fruits are an excellent snack during pregnancy. Fruits provide fibre, vitamins, and minerals in addition to being a good source of energy. All of the nutrients in fruits are generally beneficial, both for the mother-to-be as well as the developing foetus in her womb.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 16:10 [IST]
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