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Benefits Of Super Power Meditation And Jal Namaskar

Peaceful and blissful living is what every spiritual seeker is in the quest for. And why not? After all, both these qualities are natural by-products of a spiritual practice. When you stay connected to the present moment without drifting either into the future or float into the memories of your past, then you are successfully practising the art of mindful living. If you are unaware, the mind latches in any unpleasant feeling and tries to flee from it, or any pleasant feeling to become attached to it. This creates a desire for more such pleasant sensations and a fear of unpleasant sensations, and before you know it, you are more immersed in a state of fantasy than actual living.

Yoga and spirituality with their practices rooted in the movement of the physical body can bring you to the present moment and keep you happily tethered to it. This requires training of the mind, which can be attained through certain yogic practices. Super power mediation and jal namaskar are two such techniques that can help you steer through life's stressors and bring you great peace. Water is gentle and powerful at the same time. Mentioned in the list of yoga namaskars, the qualities of this tattva (element) are adaptability, purity and life-sustaining.

Super Power Meditation

A highly recommended practice, super power meditation influences the rate at which your body can heal itself. Meditation techniques can improve your mood, calm your mind and help you relax.

  • To practice this, seat yourself on a peak of the mountain in Sukhasana or any other comfortable pose that gives you the shape of a pyramid or a triangle.
  • The intention is to sit in the shape of a triangle atop a mountain.
  • In this position, you need to visualise a reverse triangular shield in your chest and then meditate.
  • During the meditative process, with every inhale, this shield allows you to welcome all the positive energies of the world into you. And, as you exhale you release unwanted toxins, miseries and negativity from within you.

Jal Namaskar

The tattva of jal or water is one that nurtures life. To show our gratitude to the life-giving water, we can offer the salutation of jal namaskar. The vinyasa is designed with a total of 28 counts containing asanas such as matsyendra asana, halasana, supta vajrasana and matsya asana. Practicing jal namaskar will help you identify and experience the water element within your body.


  • Asanas such as pindasana are very beneficial to increase concentration power, especially when held for long.
  • Asanas like adomukhi ward off and relieve you from depression and stress
  • Improves sense of calm
  • Promotes balanced living
  • You can achieve a relaxed state of mind

How to do jal namaskar

  • Asana 1: Padmasana - Lotus Pose
  • Asana 2: Dandasana - Staff Pose
  • Asana 3: Naukasana - Boat Pose
  • Asana 4: Dandasana - Staff Pose
  • Asana 5: Padmasana - Lotus Pose
  • Asana 6: Dandasana - Staff Pose
  • Asana 7: Halasana - Plough Pose
  • Asana 8: Adhomukha Swanasana - Downward-facing Dog Pose
  • Asana 9: Supta Vajrasana - Reclined Thunderbolt Posture
  • Asana 10: Matsyasana - Fish Pose
  • Asana 11 & 12: Ardha Matsyendrasana - Half Pose Dedicated to Sage Matsyendra
  • Asana 13: Padma Sirshasana - Lotus Headstand
  • Asana 14: Pindasana - Embryo Pose

To Conclude...

Maintain awareness of your feelings, thoughts, sensations of the body and the surrounding environment through the practice of yoga and spirituality. In life, when you abruptly start doing anything new without any preparation, this is bound to have a negative impact on your living. There is even the danger of this adversely affecting your growth.

Both jal namaskar and super power meditation are yogic techniques that are recommended for you. With steady and consistent practise, you can improve the quality of your life. Create well-being for yourself, as good health and mindfulness are pivotal to your survival, and allow you to enjoy a spiritually rich and fulfilling life.

Grand Master AksharAkshar Yoga
World Yoga Organisation, Honorary Doctor of Spirituality
Grand Master Akshar