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5 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent Individuals Love To Be Alone

Loneliness is defined as a sense of perceived social isolation. People can truly live solitary lives and not feel lonely, or they can have a rich social life but still feel lonely.

According to a study published in the British Journal of Psychology, intelligent individuals experience lower life satisfaction with an increase in the frequency of socialisation; the same is reversed when they socialise less. [1]

The study may suggest an important behaviour of intelligent people that they prefer loneliness for increased life satisfaction. So, how is loneliness connected to intelligence?

Here are a few reasons that may give you the answers.

1. It Gives Them Different Perspective

Highly intelligent people have a different perspective on most of the things in the world. They are filled with curiosity and devote most of their time to exploring new subjects to learn and grow. In doing so, they gain a unique insight into things and life, which moulds their mindset accordingly. All this is achieved when they stay away from the social buzz and spend time discovering things.

2. It Gives Them Time For Planning

People with high intelligence prefer loneliness because it may allow them to make a sound and effective plan and carefully consider their decisions. They are less likely to expect good results without working hard for them. So, they find ways to work on each part of their plan and ensure positive results from their hard work.

3. It Provides Them Self-Validation

No matter how capable a person is, they still need to feel validated. However, highly intelligent individuals know their capabilities and don't look for validation often. They are self-assured enough to ignore unfavourable remarks and don't feel the need to fit in. A worthwhile piece of advice from their close group of friends is all they may seek sometimes.

4. It Helps Them Identify True Friends

Some people have a large network of acquaintances yet struggle to recognise their actual friends. Smart and intelligent individuals have a small group of friends and are aware of who has their back. They don't feel the need to increase the number of friends without paying attention to the quality of friendship.

5. It Gets Them Productive Results

Intelligent people have a strict work ethic and they follow it without any excuses. To do so, they value their time and productivity and gain life satisfaction from their accomplishments. Yes, they are workaholics, and even when they are not engaged in work, they prefer doing activities like reading that enhance their knowledge during leisure.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 9, 2022, 16:30 [IST]
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