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    World Malaria Day: Tips To Prevent Mosquito Bites And How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally

    Malaria Home Remedies: मलेरिया के लक्ष्ण, कारण, दूर करने के रामबाण नुस्खे | Precautions | Boldsky

    25th of April is observed as the World Malaria Day and the World Health Organisation has joined hands with its partner organisations in order to promote its theme. The World Malaria Day 2018 theme is 'Ready to beat Malaria'. Here, we will be discussing on how to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house.

    how to get rid of mosquito bites naturally

    Mosquitoes are mostly found in areas of high humidity and survive by sucking blood from the host. Mosquito bites not only cause irritation and redness but through biting, they can lead to diseases like malaria, dengue and zika.

    Though there are many mosquito repellents available in the market today to kill or deter mosquitoes, you can also get rid of mosquitoes by going the natural way.

    If you live in an area where there are quite a number of mosquitoes, it is recommended you use a mosquito net to protect infants less than 2 months of age from the mosquito bites.

    Read on to know how to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house.

    1. Camphor

    Camphor is a great natural remedy to get rid of mosquitoes. It is found to have the longest mosquito repellent activity than any other natural products. All you have to do is light a camphor in the room with all the doors and windows closed and leave the camphor burning for 15 to 20 minutes. Alternatively, you could also use camphor oil spray.

    2. Tulsi

    Tulsi has been found to be helpful in killing mosquito larvae and keeping mosquitoes at bay. So, how to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house? Simply, plant a tulsi near your house, especially near the window, as the tulsi leaves have disinfectant, fungicidal and germicidal properties that prevent mosquitoes from entering the house. Tulsi leaves can also treat mosquito bites as well.

    3. Garlic

    Garlic has a strong pungent smell and mosquito larvicidal properties. It is one of the most efficient mosquito repellents. You have to crush a few garlic cloves and boil them in water and pour the water in a spray bottle and spray it inside the rooms to prevent any mosquitoes from coming near you. You can also rub garlic clove directly on your skin to prevent mosquito bites.

    4. Coffee Grounds

    One of the ways to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house is using coffee grounds. All you have to do is sprinkle coffee grounds wherever you find stagnant water near your house. The mosquito eggs and larvae in the water will be forced to come to the surface of the water due to the coffee grounds. As they reach the surface, they will be deprived of oxygen and they will get killed before they are hatched.

    5. Lavender Oil

    The smell of the lavender oil can keep away mosquitoes. Because the smell of the lavender flower and oil is very strong and mosquitoes can't tolerate it, so lavender oil is one of the best home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes naturally. You can either spray lavender oil in the rooms or apply it on your face and other parts of the body which are exposed. Alternatively, you can also grow lavender plants around the house to keep mosquitoes away.

    How To Prevent Mosquito Bites In Infants

    When the mosquitoes buzz near you, you can swat, spray or move away from them. But what about infants, they can't keep stings and bites at bay.

    So, here' what you need to do to prevent mosquito bites in infants.

    1. Babies Under 2 Months

    According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), mosquito repellents are harmful for babies. Cover your babies with socks, full-sleeve clothes and skip the bright-coloured clothes, as the mosquitoes are more attracted to these colours. Use fragrance-free products for your babies and avoid taking your baby out at dawn and dusk.

    2. Babies Over 2 Months

    Once your baby is a little older, you can spray mosquito repellents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, insect repellent is the best way to protect your little one from mosquito bites. Repellents can also protect your baby from other bugs like wasps, bees, ticks, and biting flies.

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