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Why Do You Get Hunger Headaches?

Are you not getting time to eat because of your hectic schedule? Are you starving to lose weight? Are you also experiencing an accompanying throbbing headache when you are hungry?

If the answer is yes to all these questions, then you should know the reason why you get hunger headaches.

If you are missing your usual meal patterns, the body is in pain, tensed and hungry. And it's not always that your stomach is grumbling because you are hungry. It could also be your head that is signalling you that it is past time to eat.

Headaches are a signal of unhealthy eating habits and it's one of your body's responses to hunger.

What Are Hunger Headaches?

Headaches are common, and you often experience them in your daily lives. There are many types of headaches - cluster headaches, tension headaches, migraine headaches, sinus headaches, etc.

Hunger headache is one such type of headache that occurs not from a lack of nourishment but from what happens to the body due to the lack of food.

When your body isn't getting enough food by not eating properly, your glucose levels drop dangerously low. As a result, there is a build up of muscle tension and a rebound dilation of the blood vessels.

If you are in a starvation mode or have not eaten for hours, your body turns to its storages to try and find adequate nutrition.

If you are a coffee drinker and suddenly cut back on coffee, hunger headaches can also happen. You will start experiencing painful hunger headaches.

Causes Of Hunger Headaches

Other possible causes of hunger headaches are low blood sugar and muscle tension. Hunger which causes your muscles to tighten, triggers a tension headache.

Sleeping late at night, skipping meals or delaying meals may result in a drop in your blood sugar levels. When this happens, your body releases hormones to counter low glucose levels, which can trigger a headache.

Hunger Headache And High Carbohydrate Intake

If you have foods which are high in sugar and starches, it can set the stage for a hunger headache. Because your body's glucose levels rise very high and when it crashes hard, there is a rapid drop in glucose that brings on these headaches.

You can avoid this type of headache by monitoring your food intake by not having large amounts of carbohydrates in one go.

How To Get Rid Of Hunger Headaches

There are remedies that can prevent hunger headaches from occurring altogether. But, there is also another way to combat hunger headaches by increasing the amount of protein in your diet.

Proteins will efficiently deal with hunger headaches and even issues like anxiety, stress and tension.

Lean protein is absorbed much slower in the digestive system and retains the body's ability to maintain optimal functioning.

How To Identify A Hunger Headache

Symptoms of a hunger headache are pain or pressure on both sides of the head, pain that originates from the back of your head, gripping tightness in the forehead, pain in the temples, and tense shoulders, neck or face.

Also, other associated symptoms are accompanied which include sweating, weakness, confusion, fatigue, light-headedness and shakiness.

Medical Treatments For Hunger Headaches

There is no magic medicine or pill that can treat your headaches instantly. So, ensure that you receive proper nutrition, less stress and adequate rest.

Doctors and dietitians recommend a diet rich in complex carbohydrates and not the ones which are sugary and starchy. They also advise taking in the right protein foods and have at least four small meals a day.

Spreading out your nutrition throughout the day will meet your body's nutritional requirements. It will also naturally ward off this hunger headache.

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