Which Is Healthier For You – Hot Water Or Cold Water?

गर्म और ठंडा पानी पीने का सही समय | Right time to drink warm & cold water | Boldsky

Drinking water is essential for every form of life. Water constitutes to nearly 70% of our body's buildup and is responsible for the proper functioning of all the organs. Besides, increasing blood circulation, water also helps in carrying essential nutrients derived from the food, to various organs through tissues.

But with the rising temperature, this summer, many of us are confused regarding which is better for our health - warm water or cold water. A majority of the people believe that warm water is beneficial for our health. But hardly anyone can tell the real reason behind it.

hot water or cold water

According to some nutritionists, it is seen that warm water is beneficial in easing the digestion process, while cold water heals our body from dealing with a heat stroke. Well, instead of confusing you all anymore, we shall see what experts have to say on this. We will also tell you the right time for drinking hot and cold water.

Before going to any conclusion, as to which water is best suited for your health, it is essential to understand the health benefits of warm and cold water.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water:

Improves Digestion -

Warm water has shown beneficial results in easing the process of digestion. Ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurveda claim that if someone drinks warm water early in the morning, then it can activate your digestive system and prevent the occurrence of indigestion. Besides, warm water also prevents constipation, as it stimulates blood flow to the intestine.

hot water or cold water

Detoxifies Your Body -

Warm water with half a slice of lemon juice is a home remedy for detoxifying your body. Consumption of warm water reduces pitta and treats acne and other skin problems.

Relieves Nasal Congestion -

If you are suffering from a nasal blockage, then drinking warm water can be your best remedy. It functions as a natural expectorant, as it aids in the expulsion of phlegm from your respiratory tract.

Combats Pain -

If you are suffering from pain, instead of using an icebag, apply some warm water on it. It is a natural remedy to alleviate pain such as menstrual cramps and joint pain. Drinking warm water will increase the blood circulation in the tissues and reduce pain.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Cold Water:

hot water or cold water

Excellent Post-workout Drink -

When we start performing the strenuous exercise to reduce weight, out body temperature rises from within. Under such circumstances, it is beneficial to drink cold water to lower body heat.

Combats Heat Stroke -

When the scorching sunlight is shining brightly above your head and draining all your energy, it is beneficial to consume cold water to lower the risk of heat stroke.

Aids In Weight Loss -

Shedding the stubborn belly fat is a major concern for most of us. So, it is important to increase the body metabolism to burn down the fat. Thus, drinking and bathing in cold water can aid the process.

Cold Water vs. Warm Water-which is good for health?

Well, the confusion of drinking warm or cold water is a persistent problem. Both have their benefits; however, according to Ayurveda and ancient Chinese medicine, it is believed that cold water can lead to muscle contraction.

Therefore, many health professionals suggest consuming warm water, as it increases blood circulation and protects the internal organs. However, on hot summer days, a mix of both warm and cold water can soothe your body.

When Should You Not Drink Warm Water Or Cold Water?

There are certain dos and don'ts of every action and so here is what you must keep in mind regarding consumption of warm and cold water.

Consuming cold water while having your meal can lead to indigestion, as a lot of energy is spent increasing the body temperature. After working out, avoid consumption of warm water, as the body temperature is already high.

It is best to have cold water to lower the body heat. So, it is now up to you to select which water is best suited for you and under which circumstances.

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