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World Sleep Day: This Is What Happens When You Don't Sleep For A Day

By Neha
What Happens When You Don't Sleep For A Day

World Sleep Day is observed on March 15th every year. This year the World Sleep Day 2019 theme is 'Healthy Sleep, Healthy Ageing' which intends to emphasize the importance of sleep on your overall health at any age.

Are you not getting enough sleep due to all-night study sessions or important business deals? The occasional lack of sleep may have an impact on the body which can be intense and the effects of sleep deprivation can linger.

Sleep, along with a proper balanced diet and exercise, constitutes the very foundation of good health. Chronic poor sleep will put you at an increased risk of serious medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Poor sleep can lead to an increase in the body's production of cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone. It also leads to improper functioning of the other hormones. It can also increase the blood sugar levels in the body, leading to type 2 diabetes.

Here are the details of what happens when you don't sleep for a day.


1. Falling Sick

Lack of proper sleep can impair your body's ability to fight off illnesses, which makes it easier to fall sick easily. There seems to be a reciprocal relationship between sleep and your immune system. Your immune system will be weak, which will make you fall ill less often.


2. Your Heart Suffers

Short and long duration of sleep, which may be less than five hours or more than nine hours, respectively, has been shown to have a negative impact on your health. You also have increasing chances of developing coronary heart disease or having a stroke if you have less sleep.


3. Increases Cancer Risk

If you have short duration of sleep most often, you have the chances of getting breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer. Workers who are in the habit of working overnight may suffer from a high cancer risk as well.


4. Thinking Problems

Missing out on one night's sleep can lead to some major cognition (thinking) issues. Improper sleep will affect your brain largely and you will lose the energy to think creatively or understand things clearly. So, to avoid any thinking problems, have a good night's sleep.


5. Forgetfulness

Missing sleep for a day can make you more forgetful. A research conducted indicated that sleep has an impact on learning and memory. Sleep is critical to the process of consolidating the things we learn in the brain. So, a proper rest is required to lock in new information in the brain.


6. Sex Hormones Decline

Not getting enough of sleep daily could reduce your sex drive. Young men who lost sleep for one week showed a decrease in testosterone levels. Sleeping fewer hours lesser than five hours reduce sex hormone levels by 10 to 15 percent.


7. Gain Weight

Lack of sleep can make you pack on extra calories. People who sleep less than five hours each night are more likely to gain weight and eventually suffer from obesity. People who sleep for 7-8 hours would get a good amount of sleep and hence make them feel fresh and energized.


8. Risk Of Diabetes Increases

Apart from having a bigger waistline, people who don't get enough sleep have an increased risk of developing diabetes. Improper sleep raises the insulin levels in the body, which would cause diabetes. People who sleep for 8 hours have lesser chances of having diabetes.


9. Aged Looks

Lack of sleep also affects your skin and makes you look aged at a young age. People who got less sleep and with bad sleeping habits looked much older to their actual age, as per a study. It causes fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin colour and marked looseness of the skin.


10. Relationship Stress

Lack of sleep can lead to low energy, fatigue and sleepiness and this could again affect your relationship, due to your feeling of uneasiness. You tend to become moody and shower negative emotions on your partner. People who have good sleep are more happier with their partner and feel secure in a relationship.

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