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This Diet Can Boost Fertility, A New Study Reveals

By Kalyani Sakharkar

Harvard studies reveal that food can boost women's chances of conceiving and improve semen quality in men. Salmon, high in omega-3 fatty acids, directs blood flow to the reproductive systems which could increase women's fertility.

Couples who ate a lot of seafood tended to have sex more often and conceive faster than other couples, researchers from Harvard University found. According to a review published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology by Harvard University, there can be a connection between what women eat and their chances of getting pregnant.

Dark chocolate contains an amino acid proven to increase sperm count, sperm motility, and semen volume, but soda has been proven in studies to decrease fecundity in both men and women.

Following a proper diet in preparation for pregnancy is one of the best health practices to fight infertility. Numerous studies have shown that specific changes to the diet can improve fertility, prevent recurrent miscarriage, and support a healthy pregnancy.

Nutrition plays a very vital role when it comes to having a healthy body and healthy reproductive system. Antioxidants, which help to protect the egg and sperm from free radicals, are found in the certain foods that we eat, so to help you improve your fertility here are some diet tips that can really help you.

What Is A "Diet For Fertility?"

A diet for fertility is completely different than that of a normal diet. This may very well be different compared to how you are eating now and include foods that are new to you. Don't worry. We have tools to help you get started and recipes to make this easy and interesting!

A natural fertility diet is a way of eating food that is supporting your body in reproductive efforts.

It includes foods which are abundant in specific nutrients needed for hormonal function, production and balance, foetal development, egg health, sperm health, blood health, and much more.

It is a diet that is designed to help your body to balance fertility issues that may exist, build up nutrient stores, and provide all of the building blocks for a healthy child. It is also a diet that is focused on giving you and your future child the best start in life.

There are specific nutrients that are needed by the young foetus before you can even detect pregnancy, and a deficiency in these nutrients could cause serious birth defects.

When unhealthy foods are avoided and the body is optimally healthy, the body is able to repair and rebuild new cells. This is very helpful for fertility, especially if there is an underlying imbalance or fertility issue. The cells in the body are constantly dying off and new cells are being created to replace the old cells.

This is occurring in every organ, muscle, tissue, etc. of the body constantly. The building blocks of these new cells are provided from the foods that you are consuming. The Natural Fertility Diet is also designed to help support a healthy body which in turn can heal itself and create healthier cells.

Foods To Consume And Their Benefits For Fertility:

  • As discussed earlier, salmon, high in omega-3 fatty acids, directs blood flow to the reproductive systems, which could increase women's fertility.
  • Also, dark chocolate contains an amino acid proven to increase sperm count, sperm motility, and semen volume.
  • Beans are rich in folate, high in fibre, and a rich source of protein.
  • Eating a lot of organic vegetables and fruits produces essential nutrients and increases the chances of fertility.
  • Organic, grass-fed, whole fat, and raw dairy is the best choice of dairy sources. Dairy that is not organic should be avoided as it contains added hormones and antibiotics which can contribute to increased oestrogen levels in the body. There are many healthy alternatives to dairy, such as fresh almond or hemp milk.
  • Fish is a source of essential fatty acids (Omega 3) in our diet. These fatty acids aid in the production of hormones and help in the regulation of menstrual cycle. Fish is also a great source of protein and vitamin A.
  • Conventionally, raised cattle contains high levels of added hormones and antibiotics which can contribute to oestrogen-dominant conditions. Grass-fed meats, on the other hand, are a great source of essential fatty acids, are low in saturated fat, and are a great source of protein.
  • When shopping for chicken, look for the words "cage free", "free range", or "organic" on the label. Purchasing your chicken from a local farm with free-range practices is best.
  • Eat fibre-rich food; it helps to regulate blood sugar levels which help to reduce fertility issues, such as PCOS and promotes healthy hormonal balance.
  • Grains occupy an important area in the natural fertility diet. Grains that are gluten-free are a wonderful option and tend to be more nutrient dense.
  • It is best to avoid processed soy foods, such as soy milk, soy burgers, soy protein powder, soy chips, soy meats, and soy cheeses to avoid a negative impact on your hormonal balance.
  • At last, water is the medicine for all. Drink lots of water. It is best to avoid bottled water as some of the plastics in the bottle can contribute to hormonal imbalance due to their oestrogen-like chemicals.

Foods To Avoid:

  • Caffeine: Studies have revealed that caffeine can affect your hormonal balance, increase the chances of miscarriage, and prevent ovulating.
  • Soy Foods: Soy foods are found to contain oestrogen-like properties. It has a negative impact on your hormonal balance. Some of the soy products to be avoided are soy milk, soy burgers, soy protein powder, soy chips, soy meats, and soy cheeses.
  • Pasteurized Juices: Pasteurized juices such as bottled orange juice contains concentrated sugar, which can increase your blood sugar level and affect your immune system and hormonal balance.

Checklist For Fertility Diet:


1 Serving dark leafy green vegetable

1 Fresh vegetable juice or 2 servings of vegetables

1 Serving EFA-rich food

1-2 Eggs daily

1 Serving of nuts

1-3 Servings of fruits

1 Serving of a fertility superfood

Use coconut oil or butter (grass-fed cows) daily

Whole grains



Lentils or beans 2x a week

Grass-fed red meat/organic chicken 3x a week

Liver or caviar 1x a week

Example Menu

Waking: 1 quart water

Breakfast: Eggs + oatmeal with nuts

Snack: Smoothie with banana, dates, protein powder, greens powder, maca, and milk of choice

Lunch: Veggie and chicken stir-fry with rice and sesame seeds on top

Snack: Green juice with celery, spinach, apple, ginger, and cucumber

Dinner: Grass-fed beef tacos with lentils and broccoli (veggie version is with refried lentils in a taco)

Tips And Tricks For Following The Fertility Diet:

Fruit: A fertility smoothie can be the servings of fruit in your daily diet. You can add your favourite antioxidant-rich fruit with extra ingredients and you will easily take care of adding fruit, nuts/oils, and extra proteins for the day.

Eggs: Eggs are the most important item in the diet and are a rich source of protein. Get fresh eggs from the farms and make custards, omelet, fried rice, etc.

Liver: You can add chicken liver into your pasta sauce in tacos.

Veggies: Grind all the leafy veggies, mix it along with honey, and drink the mixture every day. By juicing you are able to get an abundant amount of vegetables in an easy, fast, and tasty form.

In order for true health and healing to occur it takes some time for the body to shift and make changes. You should feel really good right away after starting the fertility diet, but for true long-term effects, the fertility diet needs to become a new part of your lifestyle and everyday life.

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