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International Women’s Day: 10 Things Your Gynecologist Wished You Knew

By Staff

Ladies! Today's the International Women's Day. But we want you to know that we feel every day of the year should be your day.

And no, we don't mean it in a cheesy way. We just think you deserve TLC all year long.


So, here are 10 things your gynecologist wished you knew that will definitely make your life infinitely easier and more awesome!


#1 Don’t Worry About How Your Vagina Smells

Vaginas are supposed to smell like vaginas. Just like sweat is supposed to smell like sweat.

That means you ain't gonna smell like a bunch of daffodils down there. Instead, you will smell like you. A 100% unique blend.

Just watch out for the classic signs of vaginal infection, like a fishy odor that makes anyone who comes too close retch!


#2 Your Gynecologist Couldn’t Care Less About Your Personal Grooming

Believe us, they have seen it all. So, it truly doesn't matter to them if your bush is trimmed or like the Amazon jungle. They just want you to relax, so the examination can be quick and painless.


#3 Some Women Poop During Childbirth…And That’s Perfectly Alright!

When attempting to give birth to a child the natural way, it's quite common to end up pooping as well, since your anus happens to be right underneath the birth canal and so it feels the pressure you are applying to push out your baby.

So if that happens, don't fret about it. Just keep pushing out your child. Your gynecologist and the team of nurses have seen it before and they will make sure your dignity is kept intact throughout the procedure.


#4 On Your Period? Don’t Skip Your Appointment

You may have miscalculated your date, but that's not a good reason to skip your annual gynecological exam.

Why? Because your gynecologist has seen more blood in their life than you would care to know and so a little menstrual bleeding is not really going to deter their examination. So don't skip your appointment!

Just remember: If you are getting a PAP test done and are on your period, call your doctor's office beforehand and let them know about it. Some of the newer tests can separate menstrual blood from cervical cells, but it pays to ask if your doctor's clinic has that facility.


#5 Your Gynecologist Really Wants To Know About Your Sex Life

We know it can be weird sharing the secrets of your sex life with a total stranger, but your gynecologist is the only stranger exempt from that rule. Believe us, it makes their job infinitely easier, and protects you from discovering conditions once it becomes a full-blown problem.

And while you don't have to share every gory detail, you should definitely let your gynecologist know if you and your partner have been trying something new or if you feel any sort of a discomfort or irritation down below.


#6 Stay Away From The Douche!

Really, please stay away.

Vaginal douches might make your vagina smell floral and clean, but in reality, they upset the pH balance of your vagina, which is supposed to be naturally acidic. And when your vaginal pH goes from acidic to alkaline, it kills all the healthy bacteria in your canal and increases the risk of vaginal colonization by pathogenic microbes.

So do yourself a favor and stay the hell away from the douche. And if you are worried about your scent, refer point #1 on this list.


#7 If Your Nether Region Itches All The Time, That’s A Problem

Occasional itches down below is quite common. It usually is contact irritation caused by some foreign body, like a new underwear, or a fresh Brazilian that exposes your previously unexposed skin to the world.

But if you itch down there all the time, then you definitely need to talk to your gynecologist about it. After all, chronic itching is a symptom of many STDs.


#8 Infections Also Affect Your Vaginal Discharge

The white discharge you see on your panties does change consistency over the month. In fact, when you are ovulating, the discharge tends to be runnier and more transparent.

But if your discharge suddenly turns yellow or green or starts to smell like dead fish, then you need to get yourself checkout out ASAP, as these are the classic signs of vaginal infections.


#9 Don’t Drop Your Birth Control Abruptly, Talk First

Birth control changes the hormonal rhythm of your body. So if you drop it suddenly, it can lead to a lot of side effects.

So, if you want to stop taking it, or feel it is messing up your system, speak to your gynecologist before you drop the routine. He or she can guide you to better alternatives and give you valuable suggestions.


#10 Painful Periods Are Normal, But Not When It’s Debilitating

If your period cramps are bad, some hot water press and bed rest can help you through it. But if the pain is absolutely unbearable, then it's better to get yourself checked out, since a lot of times extremely painful periods are a sign of endometriosis.

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