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10 Myths About Your Vagina That You Should Stop Believing

If you are a woman who has been told many things about the vagina which are often interesting and incorrect, then you should be reading this article as you will get to know the lies that you have been told about the vagina. Let's read on, shall we?

One of the most exciting debates over female sexuality is whether female ejaculation or squirting is actually a thing. In a study conducted, a myth was debunked on female sexuality and it was found that women effortlessly ejaculate.

These kinds of myths are dominating your understanding of the vagina, thanks to the lack of information surrounding the female anatomy.

Let's debunk the vagina myths and expose the lies about the vagina.

# The Vagina Smells Icky

It's not true at all! Women are always conscious about how they are smelling down there, when it comes to sleeping with their partner. If at all you feel your vagina smells bad, here's something that you should know.

There's nothing wrong with your vagina; they have their own unique taste and odour that is pretty much incomparable to anything else. The odour and the taste vary depending on different factors like diet, pH level, and hormonal changes and these variations are normal and healthy.

# Vaginal Discharge Is Nasty

Vaginal discharge is a perfectly natural bodily function for women. But, there are many women out there who think normal discharge was something to be embarrassed about.

Discharge is a friend of the vagina; it helps to make sure that your pH is on point and any irritants are flushed out. Now you probably must be feeling happy about your vaginal discharge and don't feel ashamed if you are having discoloured secretions.

# The Vagina Cannot Cleanse Itself

You must have been told to clean your vagina with soaps or other perfumed concoctions as a part of your personal hygiene. Well, the fact is cleaning the vagina with these methods can throw the vagina's natural balance of good and bad bacteria.

This can increase your risk of contracting STIs and other harmful infections like bacterial vaginosis. Interestingly, the vagina has the ability to cleanse itself with the help of vaginal secretions.

# Usage Of Perfumed Soaps Will Keep Your Vagina Smelling Fresh

This is another lie about women's bodies. A general thumb rule is when it comes to washing your vagina with soap, it can kill the good bacteria and can throw off the vagina's pH balance. So, wash the vagina with warm water on the inside and use soap on the outside. You will notice the difference within a week.

# If You Are Sexually Active, The Vagina May Lose Its Shape

Beware! This is another vagina myth. According to science, the average flaccid, pendulous penis is 9.16 cm which is about 3.61 inches in length. And the average erect penis is 13.12 cm which is about 5.16 inches long. So, the corresponding girth measurements are 9.31 cm for a flaccid penis and 11.66 cm for an erect one.

The average newborn baby born that comes out of the vagina is around 20.16 inches long and weighs around 7.63 pounds. So, still do you think that having sex often, will loosen the shape of your vagina?

# Women Should Not Have Pubic Hair

Whoever has told you this is an absurd myth of the vagina. Some men and women have the wrong idea that she is unclean for not removing pubic hair, which is actually ridiculous. Pubic hair serves a host of purposes from protecting tour vagina from bacteria to protecting the skin from friction.

# Kegel Exercises Are Not Necessary Until You Have A Baby

Whoever said this statement, is a total lie about woman's bodies. Kegel exercises are very good for you because they strengthen your pelvic floor, which holds the womb, bladder, and bowels in the right position. Weight gain, age, and pregnancy weaken the pelvic floor; this can result in problems such as urinary incontinence.

# The Vagina Should Look In A Certain Way

Not all the vaginas/vulvas look the same. There are slight differences in appearance, skin tone, labia shape, and size, grooming habits and all the other little things that make your vagina look different. There is nothing else apart from this. As long as you pay attention to any swelling or inflammation, your vagina looks absolutely healthy.

# Vagina Bleeds A Lot If You Have Sex For The First Time

Some women bleed a lot and some bleed a little after having sex for the first time. The bleeding is caused when the hymen starts stretching and neither way it breaks or pops. A lot of gymnasts have a broken hymen due to their activities; also riding a bike can stretch your hymen. If you don't bleed after having sex for the first time, don't be alarmed.

# Finding Your G Spot Is The Key To Many Orgasms

A study showed that 7 per cent of women report having orgasms from penetrative sex and other 93 per cent achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. So ladies, there's no such thing as finding your G spot.

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