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Simple Tips To Keep You Safe And Healthy This Monsoon!

Finally, the summer season is leaving us for the year and the monsoon season is here! The fresh wet soil, soft drizzles, and the moisture in the air bring about a feeling of newness after the hot summer.

Especially in tropical countries like India, the monsoons, or the rainy season, is spectacularly beautiful, when everything looks green and lush.


However, just like most good things come with certain negative linings, the rainy season too has a few undesirable consequences.

As we may already know from experience, during the monsoon season, many people suffer from air- and water-borne infections and diseases.

This is because during the rainy season the moisture level in the air and the humidity levels would be very high, making it an apt condition for a number of disease-causing germs to circulate through the air.

When people inhale this infected air, they could become victims of bacterial infections, viral flus, etc.

In addition, during the rainy season it is common for water puddles to stagnate near homes and offices, which become a breeding ground of disease-carrying mosquitoes, which can cause dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, etc.

Simple Tips To Keep You Safe And Healthy This Monsoon

So, it is very important to follow certain tips during the rainy season to keep yourself healthy and stay away from diseases; have a look.


1. Improve Immunity

The first and foremost thing to help you remain healthy and avoid diseases during the rainy season is to be able to fight off disease-causing agents from within. For this, it is important to make your immune system stronger. So, consuming a balanced diet, making foods like spinach, grains, sprouts, oranges, etc., which are rich in vitamin C a part of your diet and exercising can help you build a strong immune system.

2. Avoid Street Foods

Most of us love to enjoy street foods like chaats and other local delicacies which are prepared and sold in carts on the street. While it may be alright to enjoy these foods once in a while during summers, during winters these foods are a complete no-no! This is because the moisture in the air outside during monsoons carries disease-causing germs which may have gotten into the street food!

3. Avoid Raw Foods

Just like how it is advisable to avoid street foods during the rainy season, one must also avoid consuming raw foods like raw vegetable salads, fruit bowl, raw meat, etc., unless they are prepared at home, and only after washing the foods thoroughly. Raw foods sold outside may carry bacteria and germs which would have bred in the moisture-rich air of the monsoon season, thus causing diseases in people.

4. Avoid Walking In Rainwater

Many times, we see puddles of stagnated rainwater accumulated on the streets, while we walk or cross the streets. One should avoid stepping into these stagnant puddles, as much as possible, because a disease known as leptospirosis can affect people, caused by the bacteria present in such contaminated water. This disease is quite similar to flu, but is more severe!

5. Bathe With A Disinfectant

It is common for most of us to get drenched in the rain during the monsoon season, at least a few times, when we forget our umbrellas or go out in a hurry. In such times, as soon as you get back home, bathe using a disinfectant soap or add a few drops of betadine solution to your bathing water. This tip can help prevent skin infections which can be caused by the bacteria in the rainwater which fall on your skin!

6. Get Rid Of Stagnant Water

As we read earlier, it is common for rainwater to stagnate into puddles around homes and offices, becoming a breeding ground for disease-causing mosquitoes. So, ensure that you keep clearing out stagnant puddles of water whenever they form. In addition, protect your homes and offices from mosquitoes with mosquito-nets, coils, and sprays. This tip can help keep them away!

7. Fix Moulds

During the rainy season, it is common for the walls of buildings like homes, offices, etc., to start getting damp, as the rainwater seeps through them, if they are not built well. The dampness on these walls can create the growth of moulds and fungus. The moulds in turn can cause allergies, asthma, and other respiratory diseases in people living near them. So, it is important to get these moulds and the seepage of water fixed.

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