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10 Reasons Why You Are Having Frequent Headaches

You are sitting in front of your computer when you feel the first pound.

Was that...? You wonder and go still for three seconds.


So you go back to work with a frown settling on your face. That's when you feel the second pound...and the third...before a thousand elephants decide to march across your brain.

Sounds familiar? I thought so too. Headaches are sneaky that way.

So here are 10 reasons why you are having frequent headaches and what you can do about each of them.


#1 You Drink Waaaaaay Too Much Coffee!

Here's the deal with coffee: it's a double-edged sword. It can stimulate your mind when consumed in the right amount or give you a headache when not.

So be careful how many cups of Joe you drink throughout the day.


#2 You Sleep Too Much

Nope. Not making this up. It's the reason why you frequently wake up on weekends with a pounding headache that screws up your plan of binge-watching shows on Netflix.


#3 You Hate Your Workplace

Most of us spend the better part of our day at our workplace. That's why it's very important to work in an environment that is positive and stress-free. Because if you don't, the stress alone will give you frequent headaches.


#4 Your Personal Life Is A Mess

A positive environment at home is as important as that at work. After all, it's the haven you go back to after a tiring day.

So, if you are living with a person who constantly nags and drains your energy or are constantly fighting with someone in your inner circle, you will definitely have more headaches and migraines than usual.


#5 Your Computer Screen Is Too Bright

Your eyes are not biologically designed to sustain the bright light of a computer screen for hours on end. So if you look at the computer screen too long with the screen glaring at you like a car's headlight, you are bound to end up with a bad headache.

The solution: Get the screen of your computer replaced with an anti-glare screen and keep the brightness low so it does not constantly hit your retina so harshly.


#6 Your Posture Is Bad

We don't realize how heavy our head is until the moment we fall asleep in the middle of a boring lecture and then jump awake because our head lolled forward.

So, do the muscles of your neck and shoulders and your spine a favor and maintain a good posture. That will prevent excessive strain on these parts of your body and will prevent headaches due to the compounded stress.


#7 You Are Regularly Exposed To Strong, Odorous Chemicals

Believe me, a sensitive nose can quickly lead to a pounding headache. So, if you cannot escape the scent of these strong chemicals, get yourself a pollution mask that will tamp down the intensity considerably.


#8 You Have Tied Your Hair Too Tight

If you regularly weigh down your head with fifty bobby pins to keep up that upscale ‘do or tie a too-tight ponytail, then the reason behind your frequent headaches is constant tension on your scalp.

Next time, wear your hair in a more comfortable manner.


#9 You Stare At Your Phone At Day Long!

If you look down at your phone for long periods of time, you are putting an unnecessary amount of pressure at the base of your neck. This, compounded with the weight of your heavy head, might be the reason why you are getting frequent headaches.


#10 You Are Out In The Sun Too Often

If you are often out when the sun is burning a hole in the sky and making everything around you glare like a 1000-watt bulb, then your frequent headaches are because of too much sun exposure.

Wear a good pair of sunglasses and a sun hat before you go out next time!

Story first published: Friday, March 23, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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