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Is Instant Noodles Really Bad For You?

Noddles: सेहत के लिए हर तरह से नुकसानदायक हैं नूडल्स | Side Effects of Noodles | Boldsky

Everybody has certain essentials in their kitchens. Certain items of food that they just cannot and do not want to live without. One of these items found in almost all kitchens is bound to be any instant noodles of their choice.

Now, instant noodles although delicious and mouthwatering to most do not find a safe spot in their kitchen purely on the basis of them being delectable. A huge reason is that these noodles can be made within two minutes - that is its biggest charm.

Therefore, to every person who works into night shifts or is a student living alone with low funds by the end of the month, or simply a person who can not cook, instant noodles are their saviour.

Instant noodles thus sound great, a total knight in shining armour, right? Wrong! Although they help us get through the night and definitely are filling for our stomach, these noodles are really bad for our health, they spoil more than what they provide and might be good in the tasting department, but can cause health issues and therefore, we will be listing a few reasons on why instant noodles should be totally avoided.

1. They Are Deep Fried:

Instant noodles are deep-fried, which should not come as a surprise. If one reads the nutrients on the packaging of any of the instant noodles, they will find that edible oil content is one of the highest. This oil has been used in the process of making these noodles while they are deep fried.

Most people might ask - so what if they are deep fried? Deep frying is really bad for one's health, as the amount of saturated and trans fat in anything that has been deep fried is extremely high, leading to high cholesterol and a probability of suffering from heart diseases.

2. Contains Refined Wheat Flour:

Most of the instant noodles, if not all, are made out of maida, a.k.a. refined wheat flour. This obviously makes these noodles tasty but unfortunately, maida contains almost no nutritious value and is highly processed. The packaging also contains preservatives and these noodles provide us nothing more than empty calories.

3. The Lead Theory:

A little while ago, there was this nationwide ban of a famous instant noodles brand. During the ban, the citizens of India were angry with the government for putting a ban on the beloved instant noodles and once the ban was lifted, everybody rushed to their nearest supermarket to pick up as many packets of it as possible.

However, nobody seemed to notice the more important thing that this contained Lead. Why is Lead bad for health? Well for one, Lead is a heavy metal and one's body does not excrete this out of our body, so it just keeps getting accumulated within us and affects many body systems, especially our liver and kidney.

It causes damage, particularly to pregnant women and infants, as it is harmful to the central nervous system.

4. The Sodium Content In It Can Be Shocking:

Okay, the sodium content amounts to around 46%, which is much higher than how much one should be consuming in one day. Excess of sodium increases blood pressure because it holds excess fluids in the body, which in turn puts a lot of pressure on the heart.

Consuming excess of sodium can lead to higher chances of having a heart stroke, failure, kidney failure and even stomach cancer.

5. Causes Acidity:

Citric acid sounds like something that could be good for your health, but it's not. Although it acts as a medium that enhances the activity of many antioxidants, it definitely is not an antioxidant. In fact, it had quite the opposite effect on the body of a person, and it increases the acidity level.

Now, for a person suffering from acidity, this is particularly bad and for someone who consumes instant noodles almost on a daily basis, acidity can be one of the many health problems they face.

In conclusion, instant noodles might be a boon in the area of being well, instantly prepared and tasting yummy, they have a lot of negative factors that should be looked at because health is not something you want to play with at a young age.

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