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    Here Are Amazing Health Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

    By Kalyani Sakharkar
    8 reasons to Sleep naked, बिना कपड़ों के सोने के फायदे | Health benefits of sleeping naked | Boldsky

    We all love slipping into our favourite comfortable night suits before we head to the bed, don't we? Well, this new information on sleeping naked can actually change your mind.

    Sleeping without your underwear on has a lot of benefits that can surely surprise you and make you reconsider your night routine. Sleeping without your underwear can apparently improve your blood circulation, relieve you off your stress and improve sperm count in men.

    Your underwear can restrict your skin in breathing free and may also make you feel uncomfortable while sleeping. It is best advised to sleep without your underwear. If you have your doubts, here are some stunning benefits of sleeping without your underwear that can make you think twice.

    So here are the benefits of sleeping without your underwear:

    sleeping naked benefits

    1. Improves Sleep Quality

    Sleeping with underwear on means having those body-hugging garments restrict your body even while you are sleeping. Now, be it the fabric that makes your body hot and uncomfortable or the tight fit or your bra straps or briefs that irritate you, sleeping with undergarments on can disturb your sleep often due to discomfort. Sleeping without them will improve your sleep quality, as you feel free and your body is at complete ease.

    2. Relieves Stress And Improves Bonding In Couples

    When a couple sleeps and cuddles without clothes, they feel more connected. As their sweat mixes together, it makes them intimate and promotes release of a hormone called Oxycontin that relieves stress and improves physical and emotional bonding between the couple. It also promotes secretion of melatonin that has anti-ageing properties and helps you look youthful.

    3. Improves Male Fertility

    Sleeping without an underwear can lower the overall temperature of your body. This serves a good purpose of helping in maintaining lower temperature in the male testicles too. Studies say that temperature less than 37 degree Celsius is good for healthy sperm production.

    sleeping naked benefits

    4. Reduces Bacterial Infections In Women

    Bacterial vaginosis is an infection caused in the female intimate area due to an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the vaginal region. Wearing underwear while sleeping increases the chances of prolonged humidity around the region, thus increasing the chances of such infections. Sleeping without an underwear can keep the area dry and reduce bacterial infections.

    5. Minimizes Unpleasant Smell

    If you are suffering from any kind of an infection in or around your crotch area, it can lead to an unpleasant smell due to humidity and sweat. Sleeping without an underwear can minimize that smell, although it is advisable to consult a doctor if smell persists.

    6. Keeps Unwanted Rashes Away

    Wearing underwear while sleeping can give you those rashes and sore spots if they are too tight and uncomfortable. The biggest culprit is the underwired bra, it can make the under bust area of your breasts have rashes overnight. Sleep with your bra off and you will never have to worry about those rashes and discomfort again.

    7. Increases Intimacy Between Couples

    Sleeping with your partner without any underwear can make skin contact maximum. This will improve the intimacy and warmth between the couple and build their relationship.

    sleeping naked benefits

    8. Enhances Blood Circulation

    If you do not wear elasticated briefs and vests during sleeping, it can enhance your blood flow and keep you healthy. Under garments are usually snug fit to provide support. This although may be a great idea for the day and office wear, while sleeping, it is best avoided, since your blood circulation may be hampered.

    9. Prevents Itching In The Crotch Area

    Wearing underwear while sleeping may promote heat around your crotch, resulting in sweating throughout the night. This humid and moist underwear promotes skin infections and rashes. One of the biggest advantages of sleeping without your underwear is that it prevents itching caused due to moist and sweaty crotch and resulting in skin infections.

    10. Keeps Your Breasts Healthy

    If you wear a wrong size bra that is either too tight or too lose, you can have sagging breasts over time. To prevent sagging and improve the health of your breasts, it is advised for women to sleep without their bras.

    So, these were some of the wonders of sleeping without your underwear. You might have realized how sleeping with those tight panties on, can hamper your health. So, say no to tight under-garments while sleeping and go commando for your health. Sleep free and enjoy the benefits of sleeping without an underwear every day.

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