Here Are 7 Tips To Help You Quit Smoking Naturally

Smoking is injurious to health! We all are very much aware of the health hazards that smoking can get us into. Still an unfailing number of deaths continue due to tobacco. People find it extremely difficult to battle with this habit.

There are people who genuinely try to give up on smoking but only a handful succeed to get out of this, while many of them still continue to give into this habit and often find themselves getting more into it.

Quitting this habit is no doubt a very difficult job; but still there are a lot of inspiring stories of people who have been successful in kicking out smoking, opting for a healthy life.

Deciding to quit itself is a positive sign that you can do it. Though nothing might change overnight, with persistent efforts and a positive mind, the battle can be definitely won over time.

So, here are a few ways to quit smoking, take a look.

how to quit smoking tips

1. List Out The Smoking Triggers

While you start with your quitting plans, it is important to find out your smoking triggers - what makes you feel like smoking and when. Listing down the triggers might be a good idea to identify what triggers you to give into this habit. Once you start listing down the triggers, you might be familiar with the patterns of your smoking habits.

2. Get Help From Friends And Family

Getting your friends and family involved in your decision to quit smoking can get you all the support and encouragement from them, which might forge positivity in you to go ahead with your efforts. So, keep them informed about your decision and seek for help if required.

how to quit smoking tips

3. Engage In A Group

It is always a good idea to engage yourself with a non-smoking friend or a group. Start to plan and share amongst yourself about the quitting plans and experiences that you have had daily. Sharing experiences can help each other and also keep you motivated to continue with your plans.

4. Keep Yourself Busy

The idea of keeping yourself busy is to distract yourself and that is what you need to do when you get those smoking triggers. Nicotine boosts up the 'feel good' factor in you whenever you take up to smoke, so to quit smoking, you should try to get that feel-good factor by engaging your mind with other activities. Take up a hobby - read a book, spend time in gardening, go for swimming or anything that fascinates you and keep yourself busy. These will help in holding back the triggers to smoke.

how to quit smoking tips

5. Relax & Meditate

Meditation can help you in your process to quit smoking. It is important to relax your mind, not to create unnecessary stress. And meditation can be really effective in reducing stress and to be aware of your smoking triggers and cravings. It also helps you to exercise self-control and thus arrests your cravings and triggers.

6. Keep Drinking Water

While drinking water hydrates your body and quenches your thirst, drinking a good amount of water is suggested for people who are in the process of quitting smoking. Sipping water throughout the day, whenever a craving to smoke arises, can be very helpful in getting over the smoking triggers.

how to quit smoking tips

7. Finally, Reward Yourself

Acknowledging your success day by day and rewarding yourself for the same will give you the positivity that you are doing well. Track and review your progress and reward yourself generously for that. Doing so will instill that confidence in you to move ahead.

What more can you gift yourself than the precious gift of a healthy body? Remember, health is in your hands. Quitting smoking is the best choice that you might have made for yourself. Congratulations on choosing a healthy you!

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