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    These Health Benefits Of Walking Barefoot Will Blow Your Mind!

    By Staff

    The Indian subcontinent and it's rich heritage has given the world a lot, whether it's the Kama Sutra, yoga, or meditation. And now the world is opening up to another Indian culture: walking barefoot.

    And while every Indian may not practice yoga or be a sex fanatic (although our exploding population does say otherwise...), we all walk barefoot at home and expect the same from our guests.

    So, if you have always wondered why Indians hate wearing shoes if they can avoid it, here are the health benefits of walking barefoot that will definitely make you want to embrace this habit as well.

    health benefits of walking barefoot

    #1 It Can Cure Insomnia

    Walking barefoot, especially on grass, is known to calm you down instantaneously. Why? Because when you walk barefoot, your body is in direct contact with the surface of the Earth, which allows the electromagnetic frequencies of the earth to sync with the electromagnetic frequency emitted by your own body.

    This is known as earthing, and has been proven scientifically to improve health and wellness. And that includes curing insomnia.

    #2 It Can Improve Blood Circulation To Your Lower Extremities

    Walking barefoot engages the acupressure points at the bottom of your feet. This calms your nervous system and improves blood circulation to your legs and feet, which is especially beneficial for those suffering from varicose veins or diabetes, where blood vessels become constricted over time.

    #3 It Improves Your Balance

    Your body's balance is maintained by the vestibular system in your ear, which depends on the inputs from receptors all over your body to function correctly. And the bottom of your bare feet are an extremely important part of this dynamic. So, when your feet are in contact with the ground directly, it stimulates the neural connections that enable your body to remain balanced, especially if you are ageing.

    Haven't you wondered why martial-arts practitioners always fight barefoot?

    #4 It Improves Your Immunity

    Walking barefoot has shown to improve the quality and quantity of your blood cells, which is important for maintaining your immunity.

    Plus, grounding returns your body to its natural state of health and wellness, which is also important for boosting your immunity.

    #5 It Improves Your Energy

    Stress and anxieties drain out our energy, while being in a state of optimal health is known to improve the overall energy of our body. And since walking barefoot is known to have positive effects on your mind as well as your health, it makes sense that regular contact with the ground will increase the energy level of your body over time.

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