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Here Are The 8 Foods You Can Eat With Braces On Your Teeth

By Staff

There are mainly two reasons why people choose to get braces: aesthetics and function.

If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look (probably because you have too much gap between your teeth or you find them extremely crooked and disgusting), your reason for getting orthodontic treatment is aesthetics.

If you are unhappy with your teeth because they cause you to slur and mispronounce words or they make it difficult for you to chew food, your reason is function.

Whatever your reason might be, once orthodontic brackets and wires (a.k.a braces) are cemented to your teeth, you are in for a whole world of trouble.

Why? Because orthodontic correction applies a lot of pressure on your teeth and jaws, which leads to prolonged periods of pain, tooth sensitivity and discomfort until your teeth shift to a new position, which lessens the discomfort. That is, until your orthodontist tightens your braces once more, which starts the cycle of pain all over again.

And if that was not bad enough, braces make it mighty difficult to eat food. Not just because everything gets stuck in and around them (requiring you to brush your teeth every time you eat anything, so you don't end up with cavities), but also because there are certain foods you can eat with braces and certain foods you cannot.

Yup. Getting braces is not fun and games at all!

So here are the 8 foods you can eat with braces on your teeth.

1. Yoghurt

The rule of thumb when it comes to eating food with braces on is this: eat soft foods and semi-liquids, but make sure they do not have a high sugar content.

Yoghurt (at least the unsweetened variety) ticks both these boxes, as it's super easy to slurp down a pack and then clear away the remnants on your braces by rinsing your mouth thoroughly.

2. Eggs

Eggs are easy to chew when your teeth are sore from your last tightening session at the orthodontist's. Just make sure you brush your teeth properly afterward, so you don't blast people with bad breath.

3. Banana

You don't realize how messy eating a banana is until you get braces. The squelchy experience can often border on disgusting! But thankfully, however messy eating a banana might be with braces on, they are still one of the very few fruits you can safely eat when you have braces because they don't pose the risk of damaging your brackets or getting stuck in them.

4. Mashed Potatoes

Simple but delicious. That's what mashed potatoes are. And with braces on, you have a solid reason to eat more of this creamy goodness, since they are easy to eat, especially when your teeth are sore, and are super easy to clean afterward.

5. Soup

The first few months after getting braces can be nightmarish. After all, you really can't fathom the magnitude of discomfort and pain you will have to tolerate 24/7 before your orthodontist tightens your braces for the first time!

And since you cannot keep yourself drugged up on painkillers all the time, soups will soon become your best friend during this period.

6. Ice Cream

There's a reason why your orthodontist asks you to eat a lot of ice cream soon, each time you get your braces tightened. It's an ice-pack alternative to help you numb out the pain.

Just remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly after you finish eating your ice cream, since the sugar in this dessert can cause cavities underneath your brackets, which can damage your teeth and undermine the treatment down the line.

7. Boiled Peas

Let's get something straight: you should stay away from hard and crunchy foods while you have braces on.

So, if you love eating raw veggies, you will need to change your habit and start over-boiling them once you get your braces on.

8. White Rice

Breads are definitely out when you have braces on. But so is brown rice. Why? Because the husk on brown rice can get stuck in your brackets and between your teeth, which are difficult spots to clean.

So, eat white rice when you have braces on. It will be the only time anyone ever asks you to do so.

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