10 Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive

By Staff

An individual's sex drive is determined by the ratio of testosterone and estrogen in their body because while testosterone increases a person's sex drive, estrogen effectively decreases it.

That's why, if you want to increase your sex drive, you should gravitate towards foods and remedies that increase your testosterone level, and stay away from those that stimulate estrogen.

So here are 10 foods that can kill your sex drive.

We don't know whether you will use this information for good or evil. We can just hope it's not the latter!

foods that kill your sex drive

1. White Bread

It might taste delicious, but this refined carbohydrate product will definitely mess up your booty call night big time!

Why? Because refined carbohydrates lose up to two-thirds of their zinc content, which is essential for boosting sexuality in men.


2. Weed

If you have ever smoked marijuana, or eaten baked goods with weed in it, you will know that marijuana relaxes the body almost completely. By corollary, weed also kills your sex drive for upto 24 hours as under its effect, you do not want to engage in intense activities, like sex.


3. Alcohol

Alcohol acts as a depressor in your body. It depresses your metabolism, hormone production, and nervous stimulation. And while having a small glass of it will not kill your sex drive, having any more than that definitely will.


4. Edamame Beans A.K.A Soybeans

Genetically-modified seeds are quickly becoming the norm in the agriculture industry. And soybeans are not the exception.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that GMO edamame beans actually disrupt a woman's ovarian function and sex hormones, and reduce sperm production by over 40% in men. So if you like soy products a lot, that's the reason behind your boring sex life!


5. Cheese

Another unfortunate reality of the food industry is that cattle farms often inject hormones into their animals to increase milk production, which then ends up lacing the milk. And when you use this milk for producing cheese, you end up with a product that is capable of killing everyone's sex drive.

So beware of mass-market cheese!


6. Sugar

Consuming a lot of sugar will give you a protruding belly in no time. And that brings on a whole host of problems, including reduced sex drive.

This is because high blood sugar induces the release of insulin in your body, which reduces testosterone production, the hormone that increases your sex drive. Plus, stubborn belly fat is known to produce estrogen, which is also a sex-drive killer.


7. Licorice

Licorice derives its characteristic flavor from glycyrrhizic acid, which reduces testosterone production in the body. In fact, regular consumption of 7 g or more of licorice every day can cut down your testosterone level by more than 35%!


8. Mint

It might be great for fresh breath, but menthol in mint is known to reduce testosterone level. And so your sex drive!


9. Flax Seeds

These seeds might be on the superfood list along with chia seeds and avocados, but they have a pesky side effect that is not talked about much. And that is - they are notorious for reducing testosterone, and thus, your sex drive.

In fact, a woman in the U.S. was asked to eat 30 g of flax seeds every day to combat the problem of hirsutism and a severely high testosterone level. Within 7 days, her testosterone level dropped by 89%!


10. Strawberries

Here's the deal with strawberries: you should wash them properly before you eat them.

Why? Because they are covered in pesticides that mimic estrogen within your body and reduce your sex drive.

So much for being a potent aphrodisiac!

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