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Eating Fast Food Can Affect Women's Fertility, Says Study

New study has suggested that the foods women eat could be tied to their risk of infertility, especially fast foods. Researchers found that eating fast foods could affect women's fertility. Also, adding to it, not eating enough fruits was tied to a 50 percent increase in infertility risk, and eating fruit several times a day appeared to reduce the amount of time it took to conceive.

According to the study, couples are considered infertile when they are unable to conceive within a year of trying. The study finding also showed that there was an increase from 8 to 16 percent in the risk of infertility in women who ate four or more servings of fast food each week.

Fast foods like burgers, fried chicken, pizza and chips and less fruit intake took longer to get pregnant, say the researchers at the University of Adelaide's Robinson Research Institute in Australia.

What Are The Harmful Effects Of Eating Junk Food During Pregnancy?

No women wants to be infertile, so a good amount of nutrients during pregnancy is required for healthy weight gain and proper development of the brain, bones, organs and immune system in your baby.

Eating junk foods certainly doesn't help you meet your nutritional requirements. As they have zero nutrients and don't leave any scope for you to have healthy food like fruits or vegetables as you feel full.

These are the ways fast food can affect women's fertility:

1. Increased Risk Of Allergy & Asthma:

There is an increased risk of allergies because of the high sugar content in junk foods. According to a study published in the European Respiratory Journal, women who had added sugars in the form of sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, fruit juices or honey in their diet during pregnancy, had an increased risk of allergy and asthma.

2. Genetic Abnormalities in the Newborn Can Be High

A noted study also showed that the chances of genetic abnormalities could be high if women eat too much of junk foods. As per a study, women who consumed high fat or sugar diet, during pregnancy, faced an impaired peripheral insulin signalling and mitochondrial dysfunction in the female offspring.

3. It Can Lead To Low Birth Weight In Babies:

Foods like French fries, bread, potato chips, fried chicken, etc., have high amounts of starch. These foods when baked or fried at a high temperature above 250 degree Fahrenheit, converts starch into a chemical called acrylamide. The higher levels of acrylamide can lead to smaller head circumference and low birth weight in babies.

4. It Can Cause Digestive Problems

Junk food can upset your stomach and cause digestive problems. It can lead to gas, bloating and indigestion. Also, fast foods lack in fibre content, which is essential for a smooth bowel movement.

5. Increases The Risk Of Gestational Diabetes

Did you know eating fast foods could increase the risk of gestational diabetes? Junk foods being high in sugar and calories can increase the risk of gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a form of high blood sugar affecting pregnant women.

Prevention Methods Of Craving Fast Food During Pregnancy

The first trick is to control yourself by not eating excessive junk food. These are the following ways that could prevent yourself from eating excessive fast foods.

1. Have A Good Supply Of Healthy Snacks At Home

Stocking up your shelves with healthy snacks will allow you to avoid fast foods. Consume more of baked foods or snacks which are healthier than fried foods. Make snacks at your home and enjoy them without any additives and preservatives.

2. Snack On Fruits & Nuts

Snack on fruits and nuts whenever you feel like munching on something. If hunger pangs hit you, munch on nuts and fresh fruits. They will help satiate your hunger as well as provide you with essential nutrients.

3. Make A List Of Foods To Avoid & Keep A Check On It

Choosing your food sensibly will help you to stay away from junk food. It will also help you in identifying their nutritional content. Make a list of the foods to avoid that can affect your fertility.

4. Try Eating Healthier Food Alternatives

You could try out eating food alternatives like baked chips, bananas, apples or any fruits paired with almond butter, and natural yogurt or home-made ice cream.

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