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E-cigarette Flavours Are Not Safe For You, They Produce Toxins

By Meghna Mukherjee

So there, we find a substitute to smoking! Electronic cigarettes (E-Cigarette). For smokers who wish to avoid the harmful effects of smoking comes an easy way.

But is it the right way and should it be used at all?

E-cigarettes use flavours, and the system works in terms of vapour. As such vapour is considered good, but flavoured vapour is good or bad, let us find out.


Let's get a little into detailing.

To avoid nicotine, scientists and researchers have come up with this idea of E-cigarettes. Nicotine is a substance that causes cancer, and hence needs to be avoided at all cost.

So Is An E-Cigarette Safe?

Conventional cigarette smokers have been affected with inflammatory and respiratory disorders because of inhaling harmful toxins in the body, leading to damaged white blood cells in the body. Thus, research has proved that vaping nicotine-free cigarettes is safer.

Earlier, it was said that the E-liquids used in this form of vaping was safe. But, these days, these E-liquids come in many flavours to give a different sensation to the consumer. This when tested showed that a few E-liquids did consist of free radicals and inflammatory properties, that affect the white cells of the body.

In addition, the free radicals are produced when the E-cigarettes are heated.

So, inhaling free radicals on heating and the free radicals from a few liquids in combination, is harmful, as researchers have pointed out.


This led to another study, which found that flavours used in E-Cigarettes lead to inflammatory and oxidative stress responses in the lungs. Users have shown a high level of oxidative stress, leading to the damage of immune cells, called monocytes that are present in the white blood cells.

Another study by Dr. Thivanka Muthumalage has shown that these flavoured compounds are fine for ingestion but not inhalation, because they are being heated when the E-Cigarettes are heated, producing toxins in double the quantity and being more harmful than conventional cigarettes.

Since there are a lot of flavours available like butter, cinnamon, vanilla, orange, bubblegum, etc., research has now targeted all the flavours either in combination or individually. As such it has been seen that cinnamon, butter and vanilla where taken individually or in combination and were found to be extremely harmful than the other flavours, causing a high level of toxicity to the white blood cells.

Hence, scientists have recommended the E-liquid manufacturers to clearly mention their ingredients on the label, so that the alert message reaches out to the masses.

The conclusion from the entire writeup for us in laymans' terms is that, whether you and me are a conventional smoker, causing self harm to the body, and the use of E-cigarettes is not advisable.

Though E-cigarettes are less harmful, they may not contain the harmful toxin called Nicotine, but the generation of free radicals starts affecting the immune system and damaging the cells in our body.

Thus, whether we use the conventional mode of smoking or E-cigarettes, addiction is the worst friend we can have, if we love ourselves and wish to survive being happy and healthier.

As the precautionary note on the Cigarette packet goes" Smoking is injurious to health", it is applicable to any form and substitute as such. There is no substitute to good health than saying a goodbye to addiction.

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