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Everything You Need To Know About Clean Sleeping

Of all the wellness trends that you might have come across, 'Clean Sleeping' is one of the trends that might sound interesting to explore. Popularized by Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow in the book - Goop: Clean Beauty, which was written in 2016, this trend found its way to being one of the top wellness trends of 2017. So what is clean sleeping all about?

Clean sleeping, as the term suggests doesn't literally mean going for a clean ambiance to hit the bed at night. The concept of clean sleeping revolves around the importance of quality sleep which determines the overall quality of life.

Considering the irregular and poor sleeping patterns due to the glitches of a contemporary lifestyle, the need for quality sleep often takes a backseat leading to various ailments. While most of you are more attuned to clean eating, taking utmost care of your diet and fitness, clean sleeping also attributes to the kind of heath you acquire and the life you lead.

In fact, Gwyneth Paltrow advices that sleep should be the first priority even before you think about your diet! Thus she goes on to say, "Sleep plays such a powerful role in determining your appetite and energy levels that I believe it should be your first priority - even before you think about your diet." Clean sleeping is thus all about how to aim for a restful sleep regularly and the ways you can achieve the benefits of sleeping well.

We all know the importance of sleep for the body and mind. Sleep-deprived people tend to invite issues pertaining to weight gain and metabolism. One deprived of quality sleep might end up with serious and chronic diseases, both physical and psychological. So, clean sleeping cannot be discarded as another fad.

Is Clean Sleeping Related To Your Diet?

Yes, it is! Clean eating is also an important rule for achieving clean sleeping. The concept of clean sleeping recommends cut down on sugar, afternoon snacks and caffeine, and also alcohol. It also encourages one to give up late night snacking to achieve better sleep; avoiding eating as close to bedtime. It also advises to keep a daily 12-hour fasting window, according to which if had your dinner at 7 pm previous night, you don't eat breakfast until 7 am.

So, what are the other key rules to practice clean sleeping? Let us explore a little more about the recommendations for clean sleeping. Here's what you should follow -

Recommendations For Clean Sleeping

  • Get quality hours of sleep
  • Say 'no' to caffeine after 2 pm
  • Switch off from your electronic devices
  • Maintaining a fixed bedtime
  • Maintain an optimal room ambiance
  • Relax with a massage
  • Invest in a copper-infused pillowcase
  • Try yoga nidra
  • Get quality hours of sleep

    Getting 7-9 hours of sleep is important for good health and well-being. While the hours of sleep are important, more so is the quality of sleep in those hours. In other words, the key is to get enough and quality sleep.

    Say 'no' to caffeine after 2 pm

    While an evening coffee might be a ritual for you, curbing your caffeine intake post afternoon is one of the ways to a good night's sleep. If you follow the clean sleeping regime, you need to deal with your caffeine habits, especially post noon.

    Switch off from your electronic devices

    No doubt your electronic gadgets spoil your sleeping regime by luring you to hook on to your late night TV episodes or keep you engaged on your phones. Clean sleeping recommends shutdown of your technology from your bedroom 90 minutes before you are ready to doze off.

    Maintain a fixed bedtime

    Having a fixed time for hitting the bed is one of the ideal things that we would all like to follow. However, not many of us do follow a fixed time religiously. Clean sleeping involves getting into bed at a fixed time daily and following it religiously which aids optimal sleep. This is also applicable on weekends.

    Maintain an optimal room ambiance

    Maintaining a good and calm ambiance in the bedroom is undoubtedly one of the ways to a good uninterrupted sleep. A clean, calm, cool and cozy room can aid a good sleep.

    Relax with a massage

    A foot or head massage goes a long way to relieve your stress and make you relaxed. In fact, any ritual before bed, whether it is taking a shower or massaging your toes, is good to prepare yourself for a deep sleep. The point is whatever way you can make yourself relaxed before hitting the bed is welcoming for a quality sleep.

    Invest in a copper-infused pillowcase

    Paltrow recommends investing in a copper-infused pillowcase. Such pillowcases are beneficial for preventing wrinkles and for enhancing your beauty sleep.

    Try yoga nidra

    Yoga nidra or yogic sleep is an ancient technique of meditation which is exceptionally helpful for quality sleep. Yoga nidra completely relaxes the body and aids a powerful nap. It is one of the best ways to get a restful sleep.

    Well, clean sleeping definitely is worth experimenting. It can be the way to health, beauty and well-being. After all, who doesn't want well-being and to shed off the extra flab over a good sleep! Let clean sleeping make you feel 'wow' when you wake up from your deep slumber.

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