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Did You Know E-cigarette Flavours Can Cause Permanent Lung Damage?

By Rashi Shah

E-cigarettes is a term that some are unaware of and some have been exposed to. This phenomenon has been loved by many and criticized by some too. E-cigarettes are electronic cigarettes. These e-cigarettes are an electronic device that provide the experience of tobacco smoking to people who smoke.

Electronic cigarettes are here in the market to provide an alternative to the age-old traditional cigarettes and in general the smoking habits of people. In spite of a number of people increasingly liking the concept of e-cigarettes, it's important for you to know the hazardous effects it can have on your lungs and also your overall health.

There are some flavours of electronic cigarettes that are known to have a very bad impact on the health of the person consuming these electronic cigarettes. It is known to have some unknown yet deteriorating effects on your lungs and health condition to quite some extent.

Cinnamon flavour has been found to hurt your lung tissues very badly. Cinnamaldehyde is the chemical that provides cinnamon with it's unique and amazing flavour that is loved by so many people. It is a very commonly used flavouring agent that is largely used in a number of food products by everyone.

It is also one flavour that is being used in electronic cigarettes for quite some time now and is being loved by everyone. But, even though this cinnamon flavour is being loved by everyone, a new study recently demonstrated that cinnamaldehyde leads to impairment of the normal airway functioning. This was definitely a shocking revelation and we surely didn't see this one coming.

The researchers have also stated that a product can be declared safe by the food corporation, but in case of heating, vaping, or burning, it can cause some of the chemical changes that may lead to some harmful and deteriorating effects on your lungs and your health.

This means that a food declared as safe is safe for you to consume only as long as you consume it in its natural state. If any sort of changes at all are made to the product or the food item or in case of any tampering related to burning, vaping, or heating is done, then it can lead to the product becoming unsafe and hazardous. It is the same case with this cinnamaldehyde chemical being used in electronic cigarettes.

It's also said that the emissions of e-cigarettes consist of chemicals that are not good for inhaling purpose by humans. If you inhale these aldehydes and such flavouring agents, a hazardous threat is posed to your lungs and your health is at risk to a large extent.

You must also keep in mind that these aldehyde flavouring agents are usually used in very high quantity in these electronic cigarettes which increases your exposure to them and increases chances of high dosage of this hazardous chemical. A high dosage of this harmful chemical can also lead to some permanent damage to your lungs and cause permanent hazardous health issues.

Exposure to cinnamaldehyde also disrupts the functioning of cilia, which are small hair-like projections in our airway. An increased exposure to cinnamaldehyde disrupts the airway to a large extent which can cause some serious damage to your health. This chemical and smoke can also lead to paralyzing of the cilia as these are extremely delicate and it takes the cilia weeks to recover from this state of paralysis.

Cilia are responsible for keeping the lungs healthy and bacteria free which you may inhale during the day while moving around. These ill effects on cilia because of flavoured electronic cigarettes can cause a higher risk among smokers of bronchitis and various lung infections which are hazardous to our health.

Cinnamaldehyde is not the only flavour of electronic cigarettes which is known to have a hazardous effect on your lungs. Another flavour of electronic cigarette which effects your lungs in a harmful way is diacetyl. This flavour is commonly known for its quality of providing the buttery flavour of popcorn. It's commonly linked to a lung condition known as bronchiolitis obliterans. It is sometimes also referred to as the "popcorn lung" condition.

Although it is claimed that vaping is safer than traditional smoking, experts have noted that this habit also has some serious hazardous impact on the lungs of humans and they do cause disruption in the airway in a huge manner.

So, the next time you think of consuming an e-cigarette, be cautious while choosing the flavour you want to consume and be aware of the permanent damaging effects it can have on your lungs and affect your health in a negative manner.

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